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Do you ever feel as though you belong in a different time period? (UserQ)

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12/08/11 4:39 pm

1776 with the technology of today, hack yes!

melisa Nevada
12/06/11 9:48 pm

bring on the self sustained farms and families all living in a one room home and kids working hard and parents still living with kids and working to live and eat and sewing your own clothes..... I'm fighting hard to live life this way even now!

emsies Seattle
12/03/11 6:11 pm

I am very old-fashioned in general (I mean, I love technology and everything but I could cope without it). My mom always says that I should be living in the 1940s. Unfortunately, I wouldn't be able to do my aspired profession as a woman in that time.

Fangz New Jersey
12/02/11 6:52 am

As amazing as that would be, my life and interests are too technology-based for me to say I'd rather be in the past. I honestly can't even say I'd prefer the future.

12/01/11 2:27 am

I've always been thankful for living now rather than the past.

11/30/11 2:59 am

I really can't relate to many of the people who voted no. I appreciate all those things mtbp mentioned earlier as well as the Internet, especially since I'm an eighteen year old multiracial girl working and attending college. My life would suck if I was born in any earlier time period.

11/30/11 12:46 am

Right now is pretty great. Running water, antibiotics and easy transportation are all really fantastic.

11/29/11 11:35 pm

I was born in a different time period. one with better healthcare plans. as in you wouldn't be forced by an ex slave to spend money if you didn't have any. nature took care of people back then. if you know what I mean

11/29/11 11:22 pm

Wish I could time travel

Sporter80 Oklahoma
11/29/11 11:20 pm

About 15 years into the future when I'm a multi-millionaire philanthropist ;)

Dream Hogwarts
11/29/11 11:09 pm

I would fit in medieval times, but I don't think the sanitation and food would be much to my liking. The time period is fun to write about though.

jooshmond Illinois
11/29/11 10:03 pm

Somewhat, I hate a lot of modern music

catey Pennsylvania
11/29/11 9:28 pm

70s and 80s baby. This teen would love to live then!!

11/29/11 6:36 pm

I wouldn't mind hanging out with Miles and the gang on 54th Street.

oriole Indiana
11/29/11 6:27 pm

If not the 80s then ancient rome. Rome was the first civilization of its time and first republic.

oriole Indiana
11/29/11 6:24 pm

Sure 1800s or renaissance would be nice, but I'm only 16 and the 80s seemed awesome! The BEST music and Regan was president!

11/29/11 5:28 pm

@WTF a feeling that one belongs in another era does not correspond to a lack of hope in where we are now but more of an affinity to a particular era. I personally relate to the early 1800s and the the renaissance.

11/29/11 2:00 pm

I would have loved to be born during the Renniassanse. :)

11/29/11 8:36 am

Wow... a lot of people here want to go back to the past. Does that mean we don't have confidence in the future? I say being on the future. Violence is decreasing and knowledge is increasing.

mim formerly 97123
11/29/11 2:23 am

So far every era I've lived thru has had it's pluses & minuses. I loved the 80s but I was a teen back then. I like things now but hope eventually politics and/or religion will not be as divisive as today.

11/29/11 1:46 am

I think I COULD live in an earlier time period, like the 1800'ss or even the early 1900's, but I don't have any longing for those times. I wouldn't mind reliving the 60's again. ;)

11/29/11 1:38 am

By time period do they mean like the 20 th century to the 1800s or like being born a few years after or before you were actually born?

11/29/11 12:32 am

@TARDIS: I love everything about you

tim Ohio
11/29/11 12:23 am

Would love to be from either the 20s or the 40-50s love the music and the clothes

nice_atheist Connecticut
11/28/11 11:57 pm

I want to be in the future. I think the worst thing about being dead is not knowing what will happen to the world. Especially in this decade where we are beginning to see the technological age take over.

11/28/11 11:34 pm

Oh, and a kickass military with an unlimited budget

11/28/11 11:33 pm

I belong in the 50's. Awesome (American) cars, great music and movies, morality, anticommunism, loose gun laws, no smelly hippies, and people dressed well and men cut their hair like real men.

11/28/11 11:33 pm

I'd be a badass Viking!!!

11/28/11 11:06 pm

It surprises me how many people have fallen into the "greener grass" trap. Every decade had its issues and its triumphs. I think i belong in this one because im very tech savvy and i think in 20 years we will see an America we havent seen since the roaring twenties.

11/28/11 10:43 pm

1980's. I love the music and movies

11/28/11 10:22 pm

Considering we all have iPads, I think most of us should stay in outré own time periods o_o

11/28/11 10:14 pm

I'm such a hippie. Take me to the 70s 

crewkid New York
11/28/11 10:08 pm

Classical Greece and being in the agora with some of the greatest political leaders of all time.

11/28/11 9:56 pm

Yes because sometimes I don't want to be where I'm at bc my sisters a butt twit and I need to get away

BlackBenz Northwest Arkansas
11/28/11 8:37 pm

1880's. There was something special about that time. Something romantic.

Zack100 Tatooine
11/28/11 8:29 pm

If you took away all of the 20th century I bet the results would look a lot different!!

11/28/11 8:24 pm

OMG!!!!!! all my friends and family tell me I should have been born in the 50's and I totally agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11/28/11 8:13 pm

I'm a hippie at heart. back to the 70's baby