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Are you generally at your best in the morning or the afternoon? (UserQ)

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01/20/12 2:59 pm

More at night after 8-9 pm I am set till 6 am even if I am tired all day.

01/11/12 4:35 pm

Afternoon yes, night no.

01/09/12 3:20 pm

Morning.... well, midnight to about 7AM.

whatabout Pennsylvania
01/08/12 10:28 pm

I'm the same all day.. Til about 12am.

l0veSp0tt Wisconsin
01/08/12 8:05 pm

im usually better in the morning even though i usually have noo energy whatsoever...but at least in the morning i dont have to deal with all the sh!t that happens at skool or at work...

swimguy Illinois
01/08/12 7:49 pm

I can never get homework done before 1:00 on a weekend, but after that i'm golden. :)

applestar Florida
01/08/12 3:32 pm

I have mor energyin the morning. as a teacher I am drained by 2pm!

01/08/12 1:16 pm

I get more things done in the PM but I still stay active in the AM. I used to be a huge morning person until I turned 13 then I turned into a morning and night person.

Quinnipiac Here
01/08/12 12:11 pm

@ladytron ..or is it the AGE divide that's speaking, #earlybirdspecial

BriD Illinois
01/08/12 9:09 am

I don't do mornings...DEFINITELY am a nite owl

IraqVet03 North Carolina
01/08/12 6:45 am

I get more done before 9 in the morning than most people do all day.

Hope Minneapolis
01/07/12 11:18 pm

Night owl. Always have been. Wish I was an A.M. person. I believe nature wins over nurture on this 1. You can't make some1 be 1 or the other. It just runs in the family

01/07/12 10:03 pm

I think the economic divide speaks volumes...

BlackBenz Northwest Arkansas
01/07/12 7:29 pm

Definitely mornings. Much more productive.

RogueMom In a Hand Basket
01/07/12 7:11 pm

Give me mornings. It's fresh. It's new. I haven't had to deal with a lot of dumb people yet. By PM I've had my fill of the day

cowboy Doors of Perception
01/07/12 7:06 pm

I envy you GunnySgt. That's exactly what I'd love to be doing.

01/07/12 6:26 pm

Research shows the same in terms of the age filter... Which is why some advocate that schools should begin and end later in the day.

01/07/12 5:49 pm

I love the age filter on this one(:

01/07/12 5:37 pm

The earliest I will get up is about 10. But my norm is more like 12-1. I stay up until 3-4am.

cowboy Doors of Perception
01/07/12 5:23 pm

I work nights. So I'm up in the afternoon till early morning. That's just circumstance though. I'd love to be up early in the morning (4-5) till 8-9 at night.

01/07/12 4:24 pm

I'm to tired in the am. I need about 5 hours to actually wake up

LOLdayl Ohio
01/07/12 4:17 pm

Best about 1:00 in the afternoon.

Nerdz Texas
01/07/12 3:44 pm

I'm half asleep in the morning

DB1984 Pennsylvania
01/07/12 3:43 pm

I am a morning person . I get up at 4am during the week and 5 or 6 on weekends .

Priceless Kentucky
01/07/12 3:16 pm

never have been a morning person....I am cranking when everyone else leaves the office! I used to work third shift and that was fabulous!

RJ1969 SoCal
01/07/12 3:07 pm

the difference in age is telling. pay attention young people! Shit is going to change!

01/07/12 1:17 pm

I'm a lark, love the morning. Quiet beauty, promise. By afternoon reality sets in and I 'm ready for a nap!

01/07/12 12:54 pm

Mornings - I'm an early bird and love my quiet time (just me & the dogs; they're on my schedule too) before my husband wakes up. He's a night owl, but we've made it work for 22 years of living together. Plus if I'm not up by 5:30 my Bernese Mountain Dog will come STARE at me till I wake up, lol.

cato Santa Barbara, California
01/07/12 12:45 pm

The income filter is most telling...the early bird gets the worm.

01/07/12 12:31 pm

mornings even thou I am not a morning person I am at my best in the morning because I just get really sleepy in the afternoon

01/07/12 12:12 pm

Neither really. I'm a night person. I want to sleep in the afternoons but do ok in the mornings.

01/07/12 12:04 pm

Nope, mornings are the worst. I'm more awake in the evening than morning.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
01/07/12 11:46 am

Both but I put morning as I'm awake when I get up and ready to work.

BadBadger Georgia
01/07/12 10:56 am

So which is it? "Gotta jump outta bed to catch all that money fallin' outta the sky for us privileged folk" or "Gotta jump outta bed to get an early start on generating' mo' money?" Love to see the results on that poll. lol

01/07/12 10:54 am

I'm best about an hour after I wake up, so idk

01/07/12 10:53 am

My pickled abs says i do better ab workouts on AM. But my muscle dystrophy says its bad doing it pn PM. gotta get that protein shake baby, low carb diet in the morning, bloat like a bodybuilder in the PM.

BadBadger Georgia
01/07/12 10:50 am

AT, disturbing, yes. But not at all surprising.

01/07/12 10:42 am

@r@ndom; BadBadger The income filter is even more disturbing. (From my POV as a afternoon person, anyway.)

BadBadger Georgia
01/07/12 10:33 am

Never saw a kid who wanted to turn in early, either. "Come on, Mom! Another half hour?!"

BadBadger Georgia
01/07/12 10:31 am

Wow, r@ndom, you're right! Makes sense though. Never saw a kid springing out of bed early, except on Christmas morning.

01/07/12 10:26 am

Look at the age filters.

AGC246 Florida
01/07/12 10:25 am

Soo NOT a morning person... I am forced to get up at about 5 in the AM almost every day, but I dont feel completely conscious until hours later. ;P The afternoon is often when I feel most awake & at my best thinking abilities. Bc by then I've recovered a bit from the early rise. ;P haha.

BadBadger Georgia
01/07/12 10:24 am

I wake up at 7, have a good, healthy pee and BM. Problem is, I don't get out of bed until 8. So, I'm not at my best in the AM.