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Help settle a family dispute of a SOH user named Tara: is takeout pizza fast food? (UserQ)

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paul61 Arizona
09/12/12 7:21 am

There's nothing fast about take out pizza. Frozen from the grocery is another story

09/08/12 10:24 pm

my dad owns a pizzeria,he doesnt premake pizzas......

09/08/12 8:30 pm

To me fast food is any food that is cooked waiting for you before you order so it depends on where your getting pizza but generally no

FrankZappa New York
09/08/12 7:57 pm

Facemoose, not all pizza is junk food.
I'm damn glad to live somewhere where I can get non-fast food pizza almost any time of day.

EarlyBird Portland
09/08/12 5:35 pm

The people have spoken.
Pizza is fast food!


09/08/12 1:25 pm

People, it is fast food. U know why? YOU don't prepare it or cook it and there is not a "real" mess for mom to clean up after u have eaten. TADA THAT IS WHAT MAKES IT FAST FOOD, NO MESS!

gonzoboy Northern AZ
09/08/12 9:01 am

FaceMoose: If your definition is correct, I'm lucky to not be any more a physical train wreck than I already am! My mom sent me to elementary school daily with a lunch she prepared that morning. To preserve the meal, she'd wrap it in PLASTIC AND/OR FOIL, then into a PAPER BAG. Mom, did you hate me?!

FaceMoose Over There
09/08/12 5:44 am

No. Fast food is wrapped in plastic or foil and comes in a paper bag. Pizza is junk food, but not fast food.

09/07/12 5:12 pm

Nj and ny. It's like sals in "do the right thing".

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
09/07/12 4:47 pm

@skeptisys, maybe in NJ. Most of the rest of the country buys the whole pizza at once.

sook65 California
09/07/12 4:47 pm

It's quick, cheap, convenient, and unhealthy. For all intensive purposes, yes.

09/07/12 3:06 pm

Isnt takeout pizza sold by the slice?

osouless Whats Next
09/07/12 2:08 pm

No because fast food is preprepared food waiting to b served, takeout pizza isn't normally preprepared.

kianiwaters Somewhere Over There
09/07/12 5:07 am

But then I guess it depends on where you get them. Although fried food is rarely going to be good for your system.

kianiwaters Somewhere Over There
09/07/12 5:05 am

Sadly yes fries are junk food. You would think they are just potatoes, fried in oil and salt but they have much more.
Thanks for asking :)

FrankZappa New York
09/06/12 11:10 pm

Emsies, ketchup is not a vegetable, tomato sauce is about 98% tomato which could be considered a vegetable.

FrankZappa New York
09/06/12 11:08 pm

Pizza can be a health food. Assuming the cheese is of a high quality, not too oily, and the sauce and dough has no preservatives. Fresh dough (semolina) tastes amazing. How is it bad for you?

emsies Seattle
09/06/12 9:43 pm

Well, it's definitely not a vegetable.
That's an interesting dilemma. I don't know.

Ogias2012 Virginia
09/06/12 9:24 pm

hmm dairy, veggies, meat, herbs/spices and fruit all spread on grain and BAKED not deep fried...sounds like a healthy meal that just happened to be prepped by someone else...

homeagain NWA
09/06/12 9:21 pm

@smodcast- I literally lol-ed. Why does he hate deliciousness? Haha

jaz22 small town
09/06/12 9:20 pm

Fast food is not always determined by time. I think of fast food to be anything that is not a fully rounded meal. Pizza is not a very nutritious meal so it is fast food.

zedd Desert Dweller
09/06/12 8:28 pm

If you phone in ahead before picking it up, yes.

Herm31812 Pennsylvania
09/06/12 8:07 pm

Yes! My parents own a pizza shop. And on our sign it says "fast food Italian style" so therefore, yes!

JHello Michigan
09/06/12 6:37 pm

I do believe takeout pizza is fast food.

JHello Michigan
09/06/12 6:35 pm

BondiHipster: Now how did you draw that conclusion?

Tarheel15 Chapel Hill
09/06/12 6:17 pm

It really depends, I think, on where you're getting it from and how it's prepared.

gonzoboy Northern AZ
09/06/12 5:50 pm

I went to 11 people where I work (9 guys, 2 gals) with your question. Though a few had a difficult time, ALL eleven agreed pizza was NOT fast food. I happen to agree. Most agreed that frozen pizza was much closer to being 'fast food', than takeout pizza. Good question Tara!

09/06/12 5:50 pm

He didn't say everything that takes less than 20 minutes to cook is fast food, he just said if it takes 20 minutes to cook, it isn't.

09/06/12 5:28 pm

@thinker2 so with your given logic, if that is true then eating microwavable oatmeals is fast food?

thinker2 nc
09/06/12 5:20 pm

Anything that takes 20 mins to cook isn't fast food. That's restaurant food.

FrankZappa New York
09/06/12 5:04 pm

Seriously, there are two sides to this. Are all hamburgers fast food? Parents want kids to eat well, and imagine pizza to be the frozen crap.

FrankZappa New York
09/06/12 5:04 pm

@wedaslaves, you know, not all arguments are as heated as you make them out to be. At least not hot enough to burn the roof of your mouth. Seeing you on here that may your experience, but it is simply wrong, I feel for you. It is relative, like that sibling you fight with, but will fight harder for.

smodcast Newport News, Va
09/06/12 3:51 pm

Obama made it fast food as a part of his liberal agenda against deliciousness....

09/06/12 3:42 pm

Never thought about it like that....

DavesNotHere where am I
09/06/12 2:53 pm

Especially if it's Little Caesars crap

canecorso Las Vegas Nv
09/06/12 1:55 pm

Ok to all that say because it takes 20 minutes to make its not fast food, does that mean if I go to Jack in the Box and it takes them 20 min to put my order together it's not fast food?

BigBoss US
09/06/12 1:37 pm

It depends on how thy make it. If they use premade frozen materials then yes but if they use fresh stuff that is not pre made then no