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Show Of Hands August 20th, 2012 12:00am

MLB: American League or National League?

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08/22/12 8:53 am

NL because I don't like the DH. Drop that and ask me again.

kaik12 Twin Cities, MN
08/21/12 11:06 pm

I dunno, whichever one has the Twins in it.

08/21/12 6:33 pm

Let's go Phillies!!!!!!!!!!!

monkees19 New Jersey
08/21/12 4:47 pm

I picked AL but only cuz I'm a Tigers fan.

08/20/12 8:21 pm

NL all the way. The DH ruined the AL

08/20/12 8:08 pm

How many times will this question be posted? AL because it makes pitching harder and extends careers, comes down to players deciding who is better, not manager playing parlor tricks to psych the other manager out. Don't mind the NL game, just like AL better.

08/20/12 7:58 pm

NL because of the strategy involved.

poliscigi Brooklyn
08/20/12 7:13 pm

At least there's one thing Democrats and Republicans can agree on ... Fuck the Yankees.

timeout Boston Strong
08/20/12 4:41 pm

Red Sox even with this nightmare year we're having.... Go Sox

Even though we have probably one of the best DH hitters in baseball David "Big Popi" Ortiz. We couldn't have won that 04 and 07 world series without him. I have to agree with the DH rule. I'm old school. Ice it!

08/20/12 3:20 pm

Good point jagger! Play game the way it is supposed to be played.

08/20/12 2:57 pm

AL cuz of the Yankees. Obviously I'm from the area.

08/20/12 2:30 pm

Nl since baseball is a game of 9 men not 10

08/20/12 1:02 pm

I dont like either. Think it's one of the most boring sports there is

08/20/12 12:26 pm

Not a baseball fan, but I have to laugh every time they say major league baseball when referencing the cubs?

08/20/12 11:52 am

NL the pitcher batting adds strategy to the game by being a liability. you have to think of ways to make him an asset. AL pitchers are sissys.

moonshot More often I know nothing
08/20/12 11:00 am

Go A's! ...and who wants to watch a pitcher strike out four or five times a game?

08/20/12 10:11 am

The definition of baseball includes 9 players at a time. The AL uses 10. Does that still count as baseball?

08/20/12 9:22 am

I hate the DH but Boston is my team so AL!

08/20/12 8:08 am

I live fairly close to the Anaheim Angels in the American league, but when I was a kid, I lived by the St.Louis Cardinals on the national league, so I'd have to pick both!!!

gonzoboy Arizona
08/20/12 8:01 am

Is MLB's American League, the only league of baseball ON ANY LEVEL, that uses the DH? What about the minor league teams for their A.L. counterparts, do they employ the DH?

PeppyHare Do a barrel roll
08/20/12 7:54 am

I thought this was football and the NFC.... Crap.

nashlurie UMass. Greater NYC
08/20/12 7:50 am

NL without a doubt. So much more strategy involved (pinch hitters, double switches etc.) LETS GO METS...:(

08/20/12 7:36 am

I'm hoping the Mets don't do a chokejob this year

drcynic Pittsburgh, PA
08/20/12 7:33 am

Come on Bucs! Gimme a winning season that I actually remember!

StNik North Carolina
08/20/12 7:32 am

Yes. The DH is a terrible idea. Practically no strategy in the AL.

Yesterday, I watched most of a 19-inning game between the Bucs and Cards. The move the managers made were amazing. You just don't see that in the AL because a manager doesn't worry about hitting for his pitcher.

gonzoboy Arizona
08/20/12 7:27 am

National League. Too ol' school, perhaps, as I just can't stop hatin' on the DH in the A.L.

StNik North Carolina
08/20/12 7:24 am

Let's Go Bucs! I'll settle for 82-80. Only 15 wins from breaking the streak.