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Danielle97 Florida
10/04/11 9:51 pm

my mom got hers hacked and all personal info stolen... be careful!

10/03/11 8:42 pm

Deleted mine a week ago. Google+ is better

10/01/11 11:51 am

People tend to forget that privacy is an option. You can choose who sees what about you. What then is the issue? Facebook should not be held liable for the privacy decisions you should make.

Sage1287 Illinois
10/01/11 12:54 am

If used properly Facebook is very convenient and clever... I think. By properly I mean not used to harass, abuse or embarrass others. I think the people that hate it hate the dirtbags they have accepted as friends and not the website itself.

jessicaaaa New Jersey
09/29/11 10:18 pm

just deactivated mine, thank god. i hate people ha.

moosey Texas
09/29/11 1:40 am

I stopped using FB 6 months ago and I haven't looked back. I don't use Google+ and I only use Twitter to get beta update statuses from my fav game developers. Social networking is so....pointless. It had good origins but now it's all just look-at-me noise and each new site is a twist on the same.

09/27/11 10:51 pm

lol idc that much its free so go cry in a corner

09/27/11 7:39 pm

Facebook just got confusing...

09/26/11 8:36 pm

I have to laugh at charging... They make so much on adds! Someone just started the rumor. No one would pay. Period.

09/25/11 5:43 am

Okay Lez. I officially change my word from fag to homosexuals.

The Yoga helped.

09/25/11 12:35 am

An that's why Google+ rules.

jakersw22 Michigan
09/24/11 10:38 pm

here's something we can all agree on.

09/24/11 9:34 pm

Almost forgot, I came on to this question to say I dislike the updates. I am fairly new on FB, so it's hard for me to really judge. I do know one thing though, there is talk that they will be charging to use FB. if that happens, I'm gone...

09/24/11 9:08 pm

@maleRN: Your reply is ridiculous and full of hostility as is your use of the word "fag". you're in the medical field, this hostility is very unhealthy. perhaps Yoga would help?

whoThere IL
09/24/11 8:36 pm

Too much uneducated nonsense. Mine was deleted months ago and i havent second guessed my decision.

09/24/11 7:49 pm

I object to your disgusting screen name, but you know what? More power to you! It's my problem if I don't like what another person says. Deal with it.

09/24/11 7:47 pm

Tony ... I object to MaleRN's use of the word "fag" it's viscous and unwarranted.

Comments North Carolina
09/24/11 5:57 pm

hard to believe it is gating worse .... it sucked to begin with

09/24/11 5:25 pm

Someone please post a message to those two fags from Berkley and tell them to please pick a different form of exercise; hiking in Iran is just stupid.

09/24/11 4:17 pm

I have the most difficult time trying to figure out how to use my google plus.

09/24/11 4:15 pm

It's getting worse I hate all the updates but I'm so addicted to Facebook that I will still use it no matter how much I hate the updates an layout.

Br@ndon Your Soul
09/24/11 4:13 pm

I just quit, asking for too much info, people can get your info.

Br@ndon Your Soul
09/24/11 4:12 pm

I just quit Facebook too much are asking for too much info. Yeah sure you have a choice, but still.

09/24/11 12:29 am

Vangaurde... Maybe the first true thing you've said. Well, kinda true. When I had mild pre- and post- partum depression, I was on a LOT more than I am now! And the people who post most are 90% whiny annoying people....

09/23/11 10:08 pm

It's getting worse and worse...but its still addicting.

alaskan sleeping
09/23/11 7:37 pm

Facebook is Facebook. Don't like it. Don't go on it. PROBLEM FIXED!! now quit whining!

09/23/11 3:31 pm

Facebook is for the sheeple to distract them from their pathetic lives.

09/23/11 1:09 pm

I kind of feel left out because I still do most of my socializing in the real world, so my FB page has very little activity. But I'll take solace in the fact that I'm well-adjusted.

Lulzy New Jersey
09/23/11 12:51 pm

Send me your fecal matter recipe at iamabigboynow@dreamon.pansy

09/23/11 12:49 pm

Tela- it makes it harder to use when they take away things like some e-mail updates though.
I like how I'm now a 50 year old dropout! That amuses me...
Although I prefer mom to housewife. It includes a lot more and is much more accurate.
And please, language. There are kids on here.

09/23/11 12:38 pm

I constantly complain everytime there is an update then I use it twice as much.

Lulzy New Jersey
09/23/11 12:29 pm

And I mean updated information. Simple status update is cash

Lulzy New Jersey
09/23/11 12:27 pm

Did you ever consider that by no longer using facebook you prevent current information from being harvested?

Rosebud is still stirring shit in her pot. I don't expect more from a 50 yr old housewife who dropped out of Middle School.

09/23/11 11:44 am

I have serious privacy concerns, but there are so many people on there how can I not be? besides, all my info is out there now even if I cancel my account.

09/23/11 11:44 am

I have serious privacy concerns, but there are so many people on there how can I not be? besides, all my info is out there now even if I cancel my account.

09/23/11 11:34 am

Lol Badger thanks :)
And I'm thinking you're right about F. Pretty annoying. Vangaurde has layed off a ton, so I guess it was bound to happen. At the very least, a spammer...

snes Massachusetts
09/23/11 8:03 am

People will always disapprove of change prior to reaping the benefits (or in some cases, the downfalls).

09/23/11 7:47 am

I think I agree w/HawkeyePro

mabi Texas
09/23/11 7:15 am

@F They're not even having to buy them. The gov't and military have "pass through" agreements with a bunch of sites that allows them to see whatever they want to see when they want to see it without any kind of warrant or authorization

09/23/11 6:15 am

Facebook is trying to follow in myspace's footsteps, #twittertime

09/23/11 5:39 am

Don't like the multiple feeds or additional stupid notifications and lists...but I DO love the new page layout and Time Line coming up next week.

AdamT Boston, MA
09/23/11 4:59 am

"Omg! I'm so angry that they changed Facebook, a free website that I don't have to use!" It's free. Don't complain about the changes.

09/23/11 3:52 am

let me accentuate this again people. The reason why the majority now are starting to hate facebook is... TREND, TREND, and DEMAND!

09/23/11 3:50 am

Haha i alwats predicted that facebook will have the same bad fate as myspace did. This is the power of consumer popular demand and the trends that it makes.

09/23/11 3:31 am

I like the changes. It's made it easier but honestly I could care less. It's a free site -__- no complaints here!

drhawkeye CA
09/23/11 3:01 am

Social media goes out of style after awhile. People feel the need for trending, no matter what it is. Just like musicians, actors or a new spouse. People are no longer content with what they have and expect change.