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daivian Pennsylvania
12/02/12 8:18 pm

I did it but I don't regret saying it

rb928 Northern Kentucky
12/01/12 10:18 am

Way to go mom! My sister did the same thing with my nephew when he was 4.

11/30/12 2:47 pm

Or when you are focused on putting things on a belt while watching a three year old and it was under your purse.

kywrite augusta, ga
11/30/12 12:42 am

My brothers and I used to monitor my grandparents to keep them from shoplifting. I would never embarrass my kids by risking something like that. Loved my grandparents to death but that's a hell of a spot for a bunch of little kids.

gummyworms BAAAA
11/29/12 11:25 pm

Well…I was really young and I don't remember but apparently I grabbed some cheap jewelry items and my parents only found out when we got home. So technically it's their fault for not returning it :P

23 Texas
11/29/12 5:20 pm

I regret it, but I'm not going to lie about it.

amyleecarp Philadelphia, pa
11/29/12 3:48 pm

I worked in loss prevention at a department store, the amount of shoplifting is HUGE! Way more people do it then would ever admit it. The majority of people in my store was middle aged white ladies, for what it's worth

11/29/12 7:29 am

I was @Walmart & saw these packets of hair serum that looked like free samples. I put about 5 in my pocket. Couple days later, I was at a different store & they had a price on them. I told my mom 'these are free @Walmart' and she looks at me like I'm some moron. That's when I realized I stole them.

JennaF sunflower state of mind
11/28/12 9:18 pm

Wow... The more money you make the more likely you are to have shoplifted?!

11/28/12 8:26 pm

When I was a little kid

11/28/12 5:02 pm

What about food for your kids! What happens when u can't afford that? Do they need it?

11/28/12 5:01 pm

Okay so my friend and I ripped a 5 dollar bill in half then stole a piece of tape to tape it back together. We were kids and dumb. We got caught and had to buy the roll of tape with that bill which then defeated the purpose I needing tape! Idk if that really counts! Lol

snuffulufugus Missouri
11/28/12 2:55 pm

Yes but don't feel badly

forallepsilon Fullerton
11/28/12 12:39 pm

They probably call you a schmuck, even if an honorable schmuck. Haha

cutiepi86 Bodybuilder in the making
11/28/12 6:14 am

If I can't afford it, I don't need it!! Flatout!

Lulzy New Jersey
11/28/12 1:25 am

Deadlift, oats, bathroom squats, GOMAD

11/28/12 12:19 am

Tried to - turned out the shop was too heavy to lift ;)

11/27/12 11:32 pm

Your parents were doing their job well!

11/27/12 11:29 pm

Had a great-aunt who was a klepto!

11/27/12 11:27 pm

Um, think it was probably some gum and Reese's peanut butter cups when I was in grammar school.

name31 Minnesota
11/27/12 11:27 pm

a roll of tape was under my purse in the cart when i got to the car and was in a hurry and didn't have time to back in. felt bad about it.

11/27/12 11:26 pm

Haha at NJ...that's where I lived as a kid and shoplifted a bit at the local gift/candy shop! Sorry, Schnipper's!

Topgun California
11/27/12 10:23 pm

You are terrible people... Terrible!

11/27/12 10:08 pm

once. i was in seventh grade. didnt get caught but felt too guilty to ever do it again.

fireheat Chicago, IL
11/27/12 9:58 pm

Yep... I think thats the extent of most of our shoplifting careers.

not_even Boston, MA
11/27/12 9:36 pm

The question asked about shoplifting, which means physically taking from a store.

erinciconte Chicago
11/27/12 9:30 pm

When I was younger (like 3) I stole a roll of gum. My mom found out and made me go back and apologize..

helloWorld Triggered SJW
11/27/12 8:48 pm

I wonder how many people who said never have illegally downloaded something... In my opinion that counts.

11/27/12 8:45 pm

Back when I was a thrill seeking, sheep following adolescent. My friends were doing, so I did too. It didn't last long.

11/27/12 8:33 pm

Depressing results! Of course, I almost pressed red thinking it was no vs. yes.

11/27/12 8:32 pm

How does one accidentally shoplift?

GirlOnFire Ohio
11/27/12 8:32 pm

Of course not! The results are shocking.

kateXcore Dark side of the moon
11/27/12 8:21 pm

Absolutely not. I can't believe 42% of people have.

ugafan Southern by choice
11/27/12 8:11 pm

Me neither, I was a scaredy cat.

chrismisen atlanta
11/27/12 7:20 pm

nope. they have those alarm things now, it would be stupid, and against what i stand for.

Bekka Just relaxing...
11/27/12 6:34 pm

When I was a kid...the guilt tore me up and I was never able to enjoy the thing I stole.

orchideous Pigfarts
11/27/12 6:27 pm

Of course not! What do you think I am, a criminal?

11/27/12 6:21 pm

Nope check out blue=no for some reason

Jacks29 Chicago, IL
11/27/12 5:58 pm

Nope not I can remember. I'll be honest though, I have been tempted. Especially when you find items you like without price tags....

11/27/12 5:46 pm

Ummm when I was little... Mostly by accident... My mom would tell me to hold something then Id wonder off then when she would call me when she was a the door to leave I would rush out and wasn't thinking... Small things like candy or a pair of sunglasses

droo Santa Barbara
11/27/12 5:20 pm

I used to do it because the people I hung out with did. Just little things, like candy bars, chips, and sodas. I was always trying to impress. Now, I don't give two flying f*cks if someone thinks I'm a sissy for not stealing. A real man pays for his things.

allykat Indiana
11/27/12 4:54 pm

I was about 4 years old...candy...8 years in the pen...

frostedchalk warehouse 13
11/27/12 4:51 pm

I took a lighter once when I was a kid because you had to be 18 to buy one... What a stupid law

monkeyy Ohio
11/27/12 4:45 pm

I didn't …

11/27/12 4:45 pm

does taking 1 piece of bubblegum when you were 3 years old count?