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Have you ever ridden a Harley? (UserQ)

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HolyBabble Mississippi
05/22/12 8:11 am

I love cutting Harley riders off in traffic and slamming on my breaks when they are behind me. Haha, I love seeing the terror in their eyes.
Just two weeks ago a Harley idiot pulled out in front of a truck near my house.... he's worm food now. :-)

Mythic California
05/21/12 3:54 pm

2009 and later soft tail Harley's are good bikes. Before that, they are near total crap. If you own a pre '09, I highly recommend that you not test ride a newer one, because it will probably piss you off to know that you spent that much money on such an inferior product.

05/15/12 9:07 am

have ridden several Harley's & have owned a couple but still prefer a Honda...price & maintenance are a portion of that decision, but I get the same sound & performance out of my current Honda which I find more comfortable.

Crosseyed California
05/15/12 4:43 am

Harleys are retarded... Slow, cant corner, look stupid, heavier than the moon...

Kommandant Indiana
05/14/12 7:04 pm

Honda shadow. Close, but no cigar

because South Dakota
05/14/12 6:27 pm

laugh, south Dakota is such a small state, I talked a fellow rider to log onto SOH, and now we are the only blue state!

anonymous0 Nevada
05/14/12 11:19 am

been on back of it once for few hours with a few stops. where there were many cars i felt much safer than back of a sport bike bc the sound.

05/14/12 5:32 am

more women than men is interesting..

Zod Above Pugetropolis
05/13/12 8:35 pm

Weekends are Yamaha days when the weather is nice. Between the spandex and balloon animal hat crowd and the city folks looking for a trailhead or just out for a ride, gravel and dirt is the place for me. City boys rarely get more than a few miles away from pavement.

05/13/12 8:15 pm

I honestly would rather ride but I'd do both if I could

because South Dakota
05/13/12 8:01 pm

a nice sunny weekend though, the hawg stays in the garage, and I'm atv'ing through the forests, no texters out there!

JaquesV Bentonville, AR
05/13/12 7:56 pm

And I don't have envy. If I wanted one, I'd have one. I've spent more on computer equipment in last 5 years. I've enough invested in camping and kayaking equipment to buy two Harley's. They are just a big loud toy for some jerk to stick between his legs and boost his ego.

JaquesV Bentonville, AR
05/13/12 7:50 pm

@zod- I've never heard a POS anything that was as loud as a "nice" hog. But they still piss me off.

because South Dakota
05/13/12 7:47 pm

sodak came as close to being a blue state as any! 50 days to sturgis

05/13/12 7:22 pm

I live on a dairy farm of 40 cows sound I have one and I'm not in debt or am I wealthy

MrWalrus Undergrid
05/13/12 6:36 pm

you have to be wealthy or in a lot of debt to have one and I am neither.

05/13/12 5:38 pm

I've sat on some to see how they felt when I was shopping for a bike but I've never ridden one. I decided to go with the ninja. Sports bikes are more my style. I'll get a big Harley dresser when I get old. One of those big touring bikes

EarlyBird Portland
05/13/12 5:27 pm

Never ridden a Harley. Should it be on my bucket list?

canesfan Miami, FL
05/13/12 5:16 pm

i dont ride motorcycles like harleys i love my kawasaki

05/13/12 5:07 pm

My dogs name is Harley so hell yeah

05/13/12 4:04 pm

Something about history:

Btw there was an early ad stating : Harley - so quiet you can barely hear it across the street.
I kid you not :))

Zod Above Pugetropolis
05/13/12 3:57 pm

@JaquesV I'm wondering if you have the same reaction when you hear a POS Toyota pickup without a muffler roar by early in the morning? If not it seems more like primal envy. My bike is MUCH quieter than some of the neighborhood kid's trucks.

05/13/12 3:34 pm

Obie, I am not a dirtbag! I am 56 years old worked at the same job for 28 years, own my home, college educated, still married after 30 years, bathe daily and 99% of the people I know are the same.

05/13/12 3:27 pm

the location of the dirtbag

05/13/12 3:27 pm

what's the difference between a Harley and a vacuum cleaner?

chrisrows New Jersey
05/13/12 1:58 pm

Yes, but not in the motorcycle sense, if you know what I mean

JaquesV Bentonville, AR
05/13/12 1:53 pm

When a biker lays on it, that sound evokes some sort of primal instinct and I want to kill whatever is making the noise. I like the mechanical artistry of a bike, the romantic freedom of one, but the racket that some jerks make, makes me want to remove every molecule of theirs from the Earth.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
05/13/12 12:36 pm

Even with stock pipes if you get the RPM just right and vary it a little as you go you can usually set off half the car alarms in a parking lot. Payback for all the idiots that didn't learn how to get onto the Interstate, or who looked right at me and pulled out anyway.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
05/13/12 12:33 pm

Just in the last few years I've noticed a lot of drivers getting more careless when merging onto the highway, often failing to yield thinking, I guess, that the bike is too small to be a threat. A bark from the pipes or an intentional pop or two backs them right off.

tdyakker lost
05/13/12 12:30 pm

Why is it ok to modify a cars exhaust which generally makes it louder but not a bike?damn cagers!

Zod Above Pugetropolis
05/13/12 12:27 pm

My bike's pipes are not particularly loud, Every logging truck is louder, for example, even when not on the Jake, but as tdyakker noted, they are more effective than the horn for getting the attention of an unconscious lane-changer.

05/13/12 12:21 pm

Watch the southpark episode on Harley riders (it's more indicative of people who make them extra loud though) its hysterical.

tdyakker lost
05/13/12 12:16 pm

Last sunday I had an old woman (70-80) at a stop light say "thank you" for making sure my bike was loud enough to get her attention. She said otherwise she wouldn't have seen me and might have hit me because she was planning on changing lanes.

05/13/12 12:01 pm

I wish I had a motorcycle. They are so awesome. I don't get one because how dangerous they are. They are called donor cycles for a reason.

05/13/12 11:33 am

To all those that hate Harley's because they are so loud. The company has to abide by the same noise laws as all companies. The bikes are not that loud from the factory. It is the person's that buy the bikes that modifies them to be that loud. Don't blame the bike blame the owner of the bike.

05/13/12 11:05 am

No and I probably never will. I'm not really a fan of motorcycles.

05/13/12 11:05 am

@rachael101 - Sorry about your cousin :(

05/13/12 10:53 am

I don't like any type of cruiser. I have a Honda and I barely ride it... Only when my jeep is low on gas lol

05/13/12 10:50 am

*jerks her head up...sorry. I have ridden for years but the last year it has gotten more dangerous with just about everyone on the phone or texting, your head has to always be in the game.

05/13/12 10:47 am

yes I own one and yes it has loud pipes, and it will get a cager's attention. just last night going to eat and a car goes to do a California roll i thinks she was texting too, one loud snort of the pipes and she jacks her head up and stops completely. saved me.