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Show Of Hands July 9th, 2012 12:00am

Have you ever had a personal experience that you believed to be miraculous or supernatural?

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ishady 86451132020
07/19/12 1:15 am

I believe your all insane. Is my belief believable? You can believe the sky is full of jello doesn't make it true.

07/18/12 11:15 pm

It exists for people who believe and it doesn't people who don't believe that's how it works.

ishady 86451132020
07/17/12 1:00 pm

Were you smoking crack when all this happened elyonia. Ghosts are in your mind. There as real as the bible is the truth.Not at all.

07/17/12 7:19 am

and in one picture my mom took with my sister, there's a really creepy face behind us and a bunch of orbs. it was a good thing we got out of that house

07/17/12 7:17 am

my mom would see things out of the corner of her eye, I would hear footsteps going up the stairs at 3 in the morning, and my little sister said she saw a pale man in Indian clothes. plus, my dad heard chanting and voices.

07/17/12 7:12 am

I lived in a haunted house in Arizona. the land lord refrained from telling us that the house was built on a native American burial ground, and crazy stuff happened in there.

Infidel Michigan
07/17/12 6:17 am

The first person to prove a supernatural event wins a Nobel prize.

ishady 86451132020
07/17/12 5:33 am

Nothing miraculous or supernatural about helping someone change a tire it's called being human.

07/15/12 7:53 pm

once we were driving and got a flat. none of us were able to change it. we called a tow company and it was going to take over 6 hours for them
to come. within 10mins a car pulled up and they changed the tire for us. that man was an angel. (he also wouldnt except anything in return)

optimist6 Fort Wayne, IN
07/14/12 4:42 pm

Ttb- Tell that to ghosts. Oh well, there's no point arguing if you'll find out sooner or later! Good luck trying to get past that EVERYTHING in life has a scientific explanation, "sigh"

07/14/12 12:43 pm

My 2 cents: God doesn't exist and neither do supernatural events

07/14/12 2:50 am

Game 6 of the world series - I was there.

optimist6 Fort Wayne, IN
07/13/12 6:47 pm

I've ALWAYS wanted to lucid dream! It sounds so fun! Tell me, is it sometimes like you can't tell if you're dreaming or not? If so, I will do some pretty crazy stuff 0.O, ok REALLY crazy, O.o, ok, inappropriate crazy... I have very few, but very fun lucid dreams! Hehe, I'll let you figure out what i

optimist6 Fort Wayne, IN
07/13/12 6:44 pm

Emmbeedee- I TOTALY love that song! That's powerful music. I believe Jesus takes the wheel, sometimes.

optimist6 Fort Wayne, IN
07/13/12 6:38 pm

AFFD- I thought that autistic person was singing "Baby" from Justin Beiber! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!!

optimist6 Fort Wayne, IN
07/13/12 6:35 pm

Skeptisys- Go to the places where the "Fact or Faked" crew has been. Or read the bible. That's 2 million, cough it up, buddy.

07/13/12 5:35 pm

There is no evidence of supernatural. If you can prove its existence, you can win over 1million dollars from jref.

kmck96 On the track
07/13/12 2:55 pm

Don't burn down our playground just because you like yours better... Play on your side and don't bug us. Goes for both sides, although the more worldly-oriented seem to be a touch more aggressive here.

emmbeedee Arkansas
07/12/12 9:03 pm

I was going about 25 mph, I was afraid to go any faster. I hydroplaned and was headed off the edge of the road and down the side. Something or someone put their hands on mine and guided me back on the road and steered until it was safe to pull over. I know I had a guardian Angel that night.

emmbeedee Arkansas
07/12/12 9:03 pm

Ever heard of the song 'Jesus take the wheel'? I had that experience back in October 2010. I got caught on a winding, steep mountain 2 lane highway with very little shoulder during a torrential rain storm. I couldn't even see the hood of my car!

GiantRobot Pennsylvania
07/11/12 8:54 pm

"If it is a Miracle, any sort of evidence will answer, but if it is Fact, proof is necessary." -Mark Twain

07/11/12 1:33 pm

1. Keep a dream journal where you record every detail of remembered dreams. Eventually it will increase recall, and subconsciously help you see dream signs.
2. Read about lucid dreaming.This comment can count. Since dreams are jumbled memories, you will have the memory of it.its worth it

07/11/12 8:51 am

@bch so true. I guarantee god didn't swim. It was you. Good job and don't give imaginary god credit for your will to survive.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
07/11/12 12:58 am

@elbow: Same as geobelker, I've tried but I still can't get it.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
07/11/12 12:57 am

Well, The water is where Ive had my near death experiences. But guess what. I swam. 10 feet before a drop kicked it into high gear as a little kid and made it to the bank, so I get extremely peeved when people claim '"god" has a plan for me' or 'thank god'. No, thank my legs, they were helpful, too.

07/10/12 9:36 pm

@elbow i try but cannot lucid dream. How?

elbow82 Veganland
07/10/12 9:04 pm

I sometimes go into sleep paralysis, a state in which my brain is mostly awake but my body completely paralyzed. It's trippy, and I have hallucinated that there are demons in the room, that someone is lying on my back, etc. Scary, but not truly supernatural. I now control it with lucid dreaming.

2Bfree New York
07/10/12 4:03 pm

I was RA Dickey for one inning in June.

melbart Texas
07/10/12 3:30 pm

bbutch... I think that sounds like de ja vue (sp?)

EarlyBird Portland
07/10/12 2:37 pm

51% of Americans say "yes" but so few are sharing... ;-(

07/10/12 12:45 pm

I dream stuff and then it comes true fairly regularly. I have dreamed about my birthday parties before having them, classes or lectures I've been to, dates I've gone on, and then it ends up happening and I realize that I've dreamed it already. It's happened maybe 50 times in my life. Supernatural?

07/10/12 11:59 am

I usually do not believe ghost stories but several friends have seen the ghost of a nun in our kids' school. These are highly intelligent, successful people (architect, engineer, lawyer, etc.) not crackpots who believe crazy stuff. They say she isn't scary or menacing. I believe them.

07/10/12 10:42 am

I was at. The person said they felt someone pull their hair too. It creeped me out since I pretty much forgot about that incident. The house owner said that area of the basement is where some children slaves lived.

07/10/12 10:40 am

I went on a tour of an old house in Savannah. We went down to the basement and I thought something pulled my hair. I dismissed it and thought I was just imagining it. 2 years I saw an episode of Ghost Hunters where they were at the same house. Someone on the show was in the part of the basement...

07/10/12 9:49 am

They thought nothing of it until it started repeating. They looked at the small guillotine and the 'blade' was going up by itself then releasing at the top. They both got out of there as fast as they could.

07/10/12 9:47 am

Back to the basement, we also have a small scale guillotine that we use in a play or something. Even though the 'blade' is wood we are still scared of it. I wasn't there but two of my friends were down there looking for something when they heard a slash clang kind of sound...

07/10/12 9:43 am

I have also been at the school alone before. No janitors or anyone. I was just early to an event. I was walking down the hallway when I hear a piano playing from the choir room. I go over there and open the door. The music stops instantly and I see no sign of anyone.

07/10/12 9:40 am

Within these props is a baby carriage. Many people have said that it moves by itself and I didn't believe them. I was down there alone close to midnight one crew night and I heard something. It was the baby carriage moving. The floor is level and there is no scientific explanation for this...

07/10/12 9:36 am

I've had some personal experiences. I feel like sharing a few of them. My high school was built in 1921 and the basement was designed to act as a bomb shelter if needed. It used to also have the pool but that was cemented over years ago. Now we use it for storage for props and other theater stuff...

07/10/12 7:46 am

Then my gf said the little girl just started yelling "baby, baby, baby, baby!". No clue why... after they picked her up she went back just to saying the letter B

07/10/12 7:45 am

My gf had a creepy one. She works with special needs children and one little girl was autistic and non-verbal. She had just learned to say the letter B. the little girl kept staring at a corner f the room, she got up and walked over and looked behind a little bookshelf and kept staring...

07/10/12 7:43 am

Optimist- I hadn't thought of that but you are totally right!

optimist6 Fort Wayne, IN
07/10/12 7:26 am

ACTUALLY yes I have! I almost forgot! And all Catholics have had this! When the wine and bread is turned into the body and blood of Christ!!!

KommsWife Indiana
07/10/12 5:52 am

Btw, at that age, my family never went to any religious stuff and never been exposed to any ghost type stuff. So don't say I just had some sub conscious ideal planted in my mind that came out in this way.