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susanr Colorado
06/12/14 11:31 pm

Thursday is my "I have a life" day; I spend it shopping & running errands & eating breakfast or lunch, all with my daughter & son-in-law. I try to get in as much walking as possible, both with them, & afterwards.

sweetie San Antonio, Texas
06/12/14 8:49 pm

Rode my horse and walked my dog. My daily goals.

06/12/14 7:47 pm

Walked 3 miles (current goal is 5 or 6)and it started to rain. Called superhubby and he picked me up.

KatG Liberal in Ohio
06/12/14 6:59 pm

No, but I've been in pain today. Plan on doing a lot of swimming this weekend though.

06/12/14 5:41 pm

My mandatory graduation practice got in the way of the gym

Kay41 the Midwest
06/12/14 12:01 pm

Road 28 miles today and burned 800 calories. Would have ridden further but storm cloud came in.

06/12/14 3:22 pm

That sounds amazing.

veritas1 Panda
06/12/14 4:54 pm

Nice! That's sound fun.

Kay41 the Midwest
06/12/14 6:48 pm

It is great exercise. We typically ride between 30-50 miles when we go out.