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Show Of Hands June 12th, 2014 2:45pm

Do you think majority control of the Senate will change hands in the next elections?

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06/15/14 6:58 pm

Historically, the party of second-term presidents loses the midterms in both houses. Most of the time. Look it up.

BrianJ Florida
06/15/14 5:14 pm

I hope not. If the current Republican politicians take over, we will lose everything we've progressed on in the past few years. :(

06/16/14 7:28 am

Are you fucking kidding me?

RoDe Latinus wordsus
06/13/14 10:44 pm

Yeah pretty much, unless nearly every single republican gets primaried to the right.

ladyniner81 no hope for humanity
06/13/14 11:46 am

Until we get rid of the 20+ year politicians, nothing will get done. Maybe even 15 years. If Obama has a term limit, so should they.

RoDe Latinus wordsus
06/13/14 10:39 pm

I don't think it has to do with the amount if time they are in the Senate for so much as the influence money has on their positions. If we had campaign finance reform they'd be able to take actual principled positions rather than what pays to say.

indie California
06/13/14 7:16 am

I hope to the Republicans but certainly they could blow it with either the wrong stance on immigration (too liberal) or gay marriage (too conservative).

theNobamist Silicon Valley
06/13/14 6:10 pm

Or follow anything either Prinz Fleabus (RNC Chairman) or Karl "Romney in a landslide" Rove have to say. They are loser manufacturers.

RoDe Latinus wordsus
06/13/14 10:41 pm

How would they blow the election by going to liberal on immigration? Are you suggesting that the establishment figures won't make it through their primaries(Cantor)? That is certainly an increasing possibility. But if the republican nominees were

RoDe Latinus wordsus
06/13/14 10:43 pm

liberal on immigration, yet still to the right of democrats, that would seem to be the most advantageous position. "We need to do something now, we aren't going to deport 6 million people but we aren't giving them an easy path to citizenship.

06/13/14 3:50 am

Not if all the gerrymandering worked.

06/13/14 3:31 am

Until Citizens want real change the ruling 'Party of 2' will always dominate our lives.

LucentInsanity Seattle
06/13/14 1:55 am

Not at all. Just as I don't think the House would change and unless there is a GOP Pres candidate that supports issues like same-sex marriage the exec will be controlled by a Dem.

TrojanMan Los Angeles
06/12/14 8:17 pm

Being in California, I know the suffering a democratic supermajority does to millions of poeple. I silently pray for republicans to gain control of the entire legislature to save the country

biscuit711 Coventry, RI.
06/13/14 1:41 am

Lol!!!! Good one!! Oh, you're serious? Save the country? You forgot your meds again. Wait, you're Arnold!!!!

MinimumMercy Gerber, CA
06/12/14 8:04 pm

A woman Hispanic and I bet she will also be a long distant cousin of former presidents.

lovethatreba living in paradise
06/12/14 6:31 pm

In the words of commander Piccard-"make it so"!

qwertyuio florida
06/13/14 8:09 am

Captain Picard. He earned those four pips!

kjs Minnesota
06/12/14 6:12 pm

michaels it doesn't matter. He is gone. Bye bye.

06/12/14 5:48 pm

God I hope not...

Jessica03 Maine
06/12/14 2:34 pm

It's yet to be seen, but a good possibility.

In my opinion, with the amount of corruption, we should just burn down Washington and start from scratch...

biscuit711 Coventry, RI.
06/12/14 2:32 pm

Wow. All you Right Wing screwballs really need to lay off the Fix News kool-aid. Where were all you nutjobs while Bush-Chenny-Rumsfeld created the huge mess???? Hypocrites. Just keep making up your own facts :)

elcondor Rural Southern Indiana
06/12/14 5:00 pm

Which mess are you blaming on W&co.? Fast and Furious? IRS used as a weapon? Refusing to "Faithfully EXECUTE the laws of the land"? (Immigration, DOMA, bankruptcy priorities, Fourth Amendment, etc, etc, etc). Illegal war in Libya? Almost too many

06/12/14 5:49 pm

Spot on! Such short memories.

06/12/14 11:48 pm

FYI, Clinton created the mess. Bush simply didn't make it better. Clinton created a time bomb that would've went off sooner or later.

biscuit711 Coventry, RI.
06/13/14 1:45 am

Ya know, when you actually believe bullshit, it's still bullshit. It must be difficult to see the truth when your head is stuck in your ass.

Captainbstring Biden is a Clown
06/13/14 4:35 pm

Liberal buzzword talking points........("fix news" wow that is not even clever)........... DESTROYED and exposed for the garbage they are! Well done my fellow conservatives!

06/12/14 2:18 pm

No, it will not. Majority control is not held by incumbents; it is held by money behind the scenes and that will not change until WE change it.

06/12/14 12:58 pm

With a new F-UP everyday coming out of this DEMOCRAT administration I predict a landslide!

Great work Obama!

06/12/14 2:19 pm

You're ignorant, that is all. (But yes fuck this system)

kjs Minnesota
06/12/14 12:56 pm

Oh I hope so. Eric Cantor is gone. Maybe others will follow.

06/12/14 6:01 pm

He wasn't in the Senate.

16170 r
06/12/14 12:13 pm

it doesn't matter the minority will filibuster everything they don't want anyway

debob texas
06/12/14 3:51 pm

And if the president wants it, he'll just issue an executive order.

ladestra Urban Conservative
06/13/14 12:06 am

Not since Harry Reid changed the rules of the senate and took away the filibuster. But alas I know if the GOP holds a majority come January they'll bítch out and "be the bigger man", that's my main gripe about GOP politicians... They're all pùssies

ImNotTony asks...
06/12/14 12:00 pm

The newly founded Bacos Party will gain control of the senate, house of reps, and presidency by 2016.

Nationalist Defend Liberty
06/12/14 11:58 am

Obama is completely decimating this country and regardless of politics, Americans need to wake up from their amnesia of apathy and ignorance. Thousands of illegals are being shipped over by the bus load and are being housed at bases, so that

Nationalist Defend Liberty
06/12/14 11:58 am

they can suck the federal tit, while they vote for more gun control and higher taxes. This is all happening while veterans are dying, because they can't get treatment. We need to elect Tea Party patriots who stand by libertarian principles.

Nationalist Defend Liberty
06/12/14 12:00 pm

We don't need more Democrats, or establishment Republicans, we need real patriots.

06/12/14 12:46 pm

You forgot to call him a racist Jake. Go reread your handbook.

JakeforKing hopelessly liberal
06/12/14 1:22 pm

Ehhh.. I thought nazis were inherently racist so I didn't need to include it. But seriously how is the tea party any way libertarian outside of economic issues

06/12/14 2:39 pm

You mean "gun-tote'n, taking back america" idiots?!!

theNobamist Silicon Valley
06/13/14 6:13 pm

Jake, you can't call him racist because La Raza had taken the term. Translate it.

fredd TrumpLand
06/12/14 11:46 am

Good chance of it, maybe slightly more than 50%.

JDoe Its a gift
06/12/14 10:56 am

Not if the Tea Party secures more Republican nominations. They are far less acceptable to the majority of voters.

Congressman Louisiana
06/12/14 10:49 am

If you vote purely on party lines you are a moron.

smacc DunningKruger
06/12/14 11:04 am

What's your point? Currently republicans appear equally bad and vote as a block. Are there any I should consider?

JakeforKing hopelessly liberal
06/12/14 10:44 am

There will be no change. Republicans might lower some taxes and maybe decrease some spending. There will never be any real change in this country. It might move slightly to the right or to the left, but eventually it'll move right back to the center.

06/12/14 10:14 am

It should, but Republicans have the habit of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

06/12/14 10:10 am

It will change hands most every election. "I'm tired of the reps, I'm going to vote dems" "I'm tired if the dems, I'm gonna vote rep." Get a clue people.

Lelouch Partisan Free Zone
06/12/14 10:01 am

Doesn't matter. if you think that anything will change with republican control, you're just fooling yourself.

RINOTom Peoria, IL
06/12/14 9:59 am

Depends if the Democrats can hang into their Southern seats, I think.

timeout Boston Strong
06/12/14 9:57 am

Mid-term election are usually disastrous for the controlling party. There are a lot of close races out there, but I don't see it changing.

06/12/14 9:53 am

It needs to always be the opposite party of the president so nothing can get done.

06/12/14 9:54 am

Or Independents of coarse.

getupbaby South City
06/12/14 9:53 am

Vote third party and end this stupidity!

Jack14 Massachusetts
06/12/14 9:47 am

No, the Republicrats will remain in power.

06/12/14 9:42 am

I'm leaning more towards the senate being held by dems. This year is shaping up to be a mix of 2012 and 1998.

jchristianreed South Carolina
06/12/14 9:16 am

Confident we will. But with Mitch McConnell in charge, it will be a shallow victory indeed!

06/12/14 9:11 am

I hope so. We need to replace Harry Reid with anyone else.

JakeforKing hopelessly liberal
06/12/14 10:48 am

What kind of crazy socialist bastard would want to give FREE healthcare to the poor!!!!???? I mean healthcare company's already have it hard enough.We don't need some old fuck fucking up the economy any more then it's already fucked. Damn liberals...

erika348 Texas
06/12/14 11:53 am

Getting rid of Harry is more than Healthcare. He's had inappropriate use of funds, refusal to allow bills on the floor even for debate, & vicious attacks on private citizens.

As for "free" healthcare-who in their right mind thinks it's really FREE?

JakeforKing hopelessly liberal
06/12/14 12:34 pm

Vicious attacks. How many scandals does it take for u guys to realize no one cares. Nobody buys any of it. Not Benghazi, not even the ones that have some truth behind them like the IRS scandal. Politicians are lying cheating bastards, get over it.

erika348 Texas
06/12/14 5:03 pm

I'm not "no one" there are millions of people who want proper investigations. Your panties would be so wadded up causing you butt burns if a Republican did what Obama has done. And you know it!

Vets deserve answers for the VA scandal. At minimum!!

erika348 Texas
06/12/14 5:06 pm

Vicious attacks on private citizens is outrageous & completely unacceptable, only a fool would think otherwise. You would change your mind if you were specifically targeted.

Get off your partisan train & join the rest of the country!

JakeforKing hopelessly liberal
06/12/14 5:11 pm

Silly man I'm not a democrat.... I'm a communist. And maybe guess we might never know.

erika348 Texas
06/12/14 5:13 pm

Silly Commie, I'm not a man.

JakeforKing hopelessly liberal
06/12/14 5:32 pm

Oh well this is akward..

bnnt Los Angeles
06/12/14 9:10 am

Yes, when the pendulum moves to far in one direction, the majority gets fed up and votes in the other side.

Then it repeats. That's the downside of the two-party system.

ScrewU Gone
06/12/14 10:01 am

Actually, it's a deliberate part of the design of our political system. Change comes about slowly and incrementally.

Spiritof76 USA 1776
06/12/14 9:01 am

Yes I do and no it won't matter.

nickelb Texas
06/12/14 8:59 am

I hope. It will be a hard battle.

Irrelevant United States
06/12/14 8:56 am

I doubt it. The incumbency rate is extremely high. Most candidates are guaranteed reelection. Plus, both parties are extremely unpopular right now. I don't think the political situation will change anytime soon.

darthezu Philly
06/12/14 9:33 am

Everyone hates Congress but will continue to vote for their congressmen. Bunch of dumb dumbs!

Irrelevant United States
06/12/14 10:00 am

Exactly. It's never YOUR congressman who is the problem; it's all the other congressmen who are screwing up the country. Apparently critical thinking isn't America's favorite pastime.

ScrewU Gone
06/12/14 10:02 am

Well, 70 incumbents got voted out in 2010. It's not exactly unheard of.

06/12/14 3:08 pm

My congressmen are part of the problem. May they be cantored, too.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
06/12/14 8:52 am

I really don't think so. It will likely still be controlled by Republicrats, but I'm not giving up hope there are another few dozen like Bernie Sanders out there to someday take it back.

jackietheman Just Stop...
06/12/14 8:57 am

Bernie sanders... Isn't he a little far-left?

Zod Above Pugetropolis
06/12/14 9:16 am

Not to me, I see him as a common-sense moderate. But the real point is that he doesn't owe either of the major parties anything. If he goes along with them it's in the interest of his constituents, not some twisted party allegiance.

06/12/14 9:42 am

The House is controlled by Republicans, the question is about the Senate.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
06/12/14 10:04 am

Actually, both are controlled by Republicrats. Republicans and Democrats, nearly indistinguishable peas in a pod.

FalloutBoy97 Ohio
06/12/14 8:41 am

I think it stands at about 50-50 right now.

Jimmy Pennsylvania
06/12/14 8:18 am

I sincerely hope so. I have had enough of Harry Reid's partisan antics and his blocking and tackling for Obama.

Hope GOP victories forces Holder out too.

06/12/14 8:29 am

Yes it does.

darthezu Philly
06/12/14 9:29 am

Nope, as long as money is flowing into politics and the 2 party system is in place it really doesn't.

Lelouch Partisan Free Zone
06/12/14 10:48 am

As long we got the same people from both parties still in office, nothing will change. Let's not be foolish and think one party is the savior of the United States politics.