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cass95 June 12th, 2014 12:08pm

"Participating in a gun buyback program because you think that criminals have too many guns is like having yourself castrated because you think your neighbors have too many kids." -Clint Eastwood.

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cowboy Dawns Highway
06/13/14 9:56 am

100 percent agree. Eastwood is the man!

06/12/14 4:37 pm

I don't think there is any chance your unused testicles with be stolen in a robbery and used to have more kids. (In other words if your not using a gun why not sell it back so your sure it won't fall into the wrong hands).

06/12/14 4:38 pm

So for the stupid grammar errors, I hate typing on my iPad.

06/12/14 4:19 pm

I feel like an odd ball, I'm a liberal that has a hand gun in my home & support gun rights. I guess I'm not far left crazy.

cass95 Jesus 2021
06/12/14 2:47 pm

Thanks ❤️

HammeringMan Gods Away On Business
06/23/14 9:18 pm

Thanks for the follow. I hope polls are stimulating and substantive.

cass95 Jesus 2021
06/12/14 2:47 pm

Thanks ❤️

rebelfury76 No Justice, No Peace
06/12/14 7:47 am

SF, Suppressed, hope you're paying attention

corino Utah
06/12/14 6:54 am

Gun buybacks are good at collecting old heirloom guns that nobody wants. They get guns off the street about as well as donating to goodwill gets clothes off the street.

RJ1969 SoCal
06/12/14 8:05 am

That's partially true. But there are also instances where a family member (involved in crime) gets a gun(s) and after it's been discovered or the person incarcerated, the family wants to get rid of the gun(s) without legal liability.

RJ1969 SoCal
06/12/14 8:07 am

We had one in San Diego a few months back and they collected an arsenal of illegal weapons (hundreds) that were NOT heirlooms.

Posco BBQ Enthusiast
06/12/14 6:49 am

Eh maybe. I do think it is a terrible idea.

imanag My heaven on Earth
06/12/14 6:32 am

That's just brilliant!

voc I am...what I am
06/12/14 5:43 am

I love Clint Eastwood.

ScrewU Gone
06/12/14 5:54 am

Me too, but I think he may have gone round the bend.

cass95 Jesus 2021
06/12/14 5:38 am

So, just in case I'm gone tomorrow, please know this. I voted against that incompetent, lying, flip-flopping, insincere, double-talking, radical socialist, terrorist excusing, bleeding heart, narcissistic, scientific and economic moron currently....

cass95 Jesus 2021
06/12/14 5:38 am

..... in the White House.

Another excerpt from Clint.

Isomax TIC TOC
06/12/14 5:51 am

And not only that , I also believe in what he didn't call him!

itsOkay no longer answering here
06/12/14 5:36 am

True. Doesn't make any sense for law abiding citizens to give up their guns.

geoag02 Dallas, TX
06/12/14 5:34 am

I think stealing stuff is wrong, so not only am I not going to do it, but I am also going to leave all the doors and windows to my house unlocked. I am sure everyone thinks the same way that I do about theft.

06/12/14 5:16 am

Clint went ahead and made my day.

swervin Maryland
06/12/14 5:11 am

That man is a genius.

cass95 Jesus 2021
06/12/14 5:12 am

He certainly is!

Rosebud Ohio
06/12/14 5:10 am

It's a fairly good point.