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TRJake June 12th, 2014 2:26am

Do you have a backlog of things you want (and are not necessarily forced) to do?

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Antoinette Michigan
06/11/14 8:13 pm

Oh my goodness, a million times yes.

TRJake Pendragon
06/11/14 7:28 pm

I have way too many video games that I haven't played. The Summer Sale is coming up, so I'll probably end up getting more games :-\
After Finals, I'll binge tor a few days and at least finish a few games.

Lelouch Partisan Free Zone
06/11/14 7:38 pm

I haven't played fallout 3 yet and I have owned that game for years. Xbox 360: backlog 25 games. Ps2: 10 backlog. Manga: 15 volumes, etc.... College and work are in the way. :(