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PrincessPetal June 11th, 2014 8:24pm

BIRTHDAYS: exciting or not exciting? (TODAY IS ENDERWIGGIN'S BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!)

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jestana My Minds Eye
06/11/14 11:01 pm

It is time. It is time for your sweet mind. For your mind to express yourself. Create a piece of your future with words that draw people to you. We are lots of things. But mostly we are our words.

jestana My Minds Eye
06/11/14 11:42 pm

You are among the young bright minds here. The interactions on SOH shape our thinking. Reach out with questions that tell us who you are and open yourself up to creativity.

PrincessPetal Austin, TX
06/11/14 11:54 pm

Lol thanks, I'll try to! Same for you miss! :)
And PS... You remind me of another user on here. I haven't seen him around lately but I'm sure he will make an appearance sooner or later. His name is doctalk, I think you would like him!

jestana My Minds Eye
06/12/14 7:20 pm

From what I read on his polls, that's a compliment. Also looks like he took a beating for taking a stand against the BS here. Wish I had been here to toss in my thoughts.

PrincessPetal Austin, TX
06/12/14 8:49 pm

Yes he truly is awesome, so it's definitely a compliment! I hope he comes back on soon so you can actually meet him :D