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01/04/12 6:48 pm

Love the steely Dan reference miss gee!

Dubl_T Texas
01/04/12 3:05 pm

Lucky Silly Underdogs
Won't happen twice

jakersw22 Michigan
01/04/12 12:39 pm

I don't follow sports, but anything is better than something from Alabama!

01/03/12 7:45 pm

lmao only Alabama gives a crap about Alabama. I lived there for two miserable years and I still don't.

01/03/12 1:50 pm

Roll tide that's all I'll say

one80 California
01/03/12 12:02 am

LSU. Tigers posses way more power than the boiled peanuts or whatever it is that Alabama has going on.

01/02/12 11:20 pm

They are two evenly matched teams replaying the best game of the season. I vote for the Tide. They made critical mistakes last time and they'll be sure not to make them again.

01/02/12 4:49 am

Ugh. Toughest choice ever. But when forced, anything but Alabama.

oriole Indiana
01/01/12 3:19 pm

Hate both of them but i cant stand alabama so lsu it is

01/01/12 1:29 pm

I'm for auburn so go LSU!

01/01/12 1:00 pm

bcs needs to be revamped... the system stinks just like congress and the good old boys network

01/01/12 12:40 pm

Gotta pull for the team NOT named after the red mud of Legion field, geaux Tigers

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
01/01/12 8:15 am

@ enough4 me. Too cute don't know who I for for the roses. Kelly is a total jerk. Surprised he's not been indicted. He and Nike have an expensive team.

01/01/12 6:15 am

mahmann...I know I am Ole Miss...that why I said I hate LSU.. we have a long standing hatred to each other.

01/01/12 4:32 am

GEAUX TIGERS! those elephants are Tiger bait. ????

01/01/12 2:59 am

Yea LSU already won once... They are gonna win again no prob

01/01/12 1:23 am

#3 is gonna have a field day! Roll Tide!

MGLC New Mexico
01/01/12 12:03 am

Neither I voted alabama for political reasons as I dislike sports lol

cabooseftw Illinois
12/31/11 11:15 pm


I wouldn't call 3-0 a butt whoopin. Anyways, I'm still rooting for Alabama.

12/31/11 11:04 pm

"they've got a name for the winners in the world, I want a name when I lose, they call Alabama the Crimson Tide, call me Deacon Blues."

erw331 New York
12/31/11 8:08 pm

LSU - Should be LSU and Oklahoma State. Bama already lost once. . .

12/31/11 7:36 pm

@Jezebel......That's Ole Miss

12/31/11 6:25 pm

I hate LSU but they are the best..Hotty toddy