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NDAmerican June 11th, 2014 3:33pm

The Veterans Access to Care Act, H.R.4810, authored by Congressman Jeff Miller (FL-1-R), passed by the House, will allow the Veterans Affairs Secretary to begin contracting Health and Medical Care for Veterans with Non-Veterans Affairs facilities.

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06/13/14 5:53 am

Staffing was always an issue. So many veterans and so few providers. I average a 5 hour wait time for a walk in. Spreading the veterans out will help tremendously

mikeey1962 on SOH where else
06/11/14 11:13 am

Cool. Now I don't have to drive my dad and sons 175 miles to the VA clinic...

cowboy Doors of Perception
06/11/14 9:51 am

Government healthcare is a failure for Veterans? Hell, why not give everyone that quality of care... Wait! What?

commonsense America isnt racist
06/11/14 8:53 am

Should have been brought up and passed decades ago.