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fredd TrumpLand
06/11/14 10:14 am

Ewww, spiders. It's my wife's job to remove those. :p

Atheist A sheep amidst wolves
06/11/14 8:52 am

We have those big wolf spiders around our house.

KatG Liberal in Ohio
06/10/14 10:49 pm

Damn you! Spiders win, but by a hair.

Shazam Scaramouche, OH
06/10/14 11:03 pm


cyanospool The Deep North
06/11/14 12:39 am

Like the hairs on a spider's legs?

inge MIA
06/10/14 9:13 pm

Oh god, I hate you.

Rob Be Safe Be Smart
06/10/14 9:21 pm

I was just going to comment on how you would hate this, but you beat me too it.

Rainey 633 Stag Trail Road
06/10/14 9:02 pm

Only time when the clown doesn't win

dawl adulting
06/10/14 9:14 pm

At least we can step on a spider!

Rob Be Safe Be Smart
06/10/14 9:21 pm

I bet the clown wouldn't appreciate it either.

dawl adulting
06/10/14 9:25 pm

Yeah that's all I need is an angry creepy clown.

Shazam Scaramouche, OH
06/10/14 9:36 pm

DAWL - you mean like this?


dawl adulting
06/10/14 9:38 pm

I'm not clicking on that!!! I'd rather be banana phoned!!

Shazam Scaramouche, OH
06/10/14 9:48 pm

DAWL - i have no idea what that is.

dawl adulting
06/10/14 9:52 pm

Shazz: a while ago Rob was giving this link to the unsuspecting:

Shazam Scaramouche, OH
06/10/14 10:07 pm

DAWL - my phone will not allow me to be banana phoned!

dawl adulting
06/10/14 10:17 pm

Shaz you have a very smart phone lol. Just search banana phone in YouTube it will come up :-)

Shazam Scaramouche, OH
06/10/14 10:19 pm

DAWL - tried. Get the :-/ face for all of them.

I got me a genius phone!

Whichendisup uniquely unoriginal
06/10/14 9:02 pm

clown, I can swish a spider

imanag My heaven on Earth
06/10/14 8:58 pm

Both are super creepy, but only one is potentially venomous. Spider wins!

RJ1969 SoCal
06/10/14 8:54 pm

Is that you? Not the spider.

Rob Be Safe Be Smart
06/10/14 9:22 pm

Before I saw the spider I thought it was one of those "which should be my new profile pic" polls..

gallae Michigan
06/10/14 8:52 pm

Neither really bother me too much... But I chose the spider because they are more likely to creep me out... If that makes sense..?