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Show Of Hands July 28th, 2011 12:00am

Have you ever successfully solved a Rubik's cube? (No, taking it apart doesn't count. And frankly, it's pretty sad that you even had to ask.) (User Q)

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izzy.xo? Massachusetts
08/11/11 8:50 pm

My best friend can do it in under 5 minutes all the time

08/05/11 2:42 am

ive taken one apart and succesfuly put it back together:P

08/04/11 1:39 am

Never really tried. See my comment about the NFL drama...

08/03/11 8:45 pm

There is a certain way to do it and it isn't that hard

Maxx Michigan
08/03/11 8:33 pm

I know how to do it every time; I did it in 49 sec. once.

08/02/11 7:00 am

@n8r ssurrre, we all believe you, if you actually did, get a life

08/01/11 10:24 pm

Ugh I have tried but fail I try again yet to see I failed agian.

David01127 Ohio
07/31/11 12:00 am

It is not intelligence that lets you solve a runic cube. It's having the time for memorizing a thousand pointless strategies.

Lolnope Somewhere silly
07/30/11 4:55 pm

20% of poll-goers are smarter than me. 

07/30/11 3:43 pm

No, I haven't. Whenever I try to, I get frustrated and throw it across the room. :)

07/30/11 3:32 am

I tried a couple of times an miserable failed, but I guess if anyone knows the types of tricks they don't got to be Einstein to solve it.

07/30/11 12:40 am

Does turning a piece to one side and turning it back to its original place count? If yes, yes

07/29/11 11:59 pm

It isn't that hard! I mastered it when I was a kid, and I am definitely only of average intelligence. 8) It is tricky because people try to do it a side at a time. You have to see the bigger picture and make a cross then manipulate it outward.

anonymuss New Jersey
07/29/11 10:01 pm

thos question is not goong to yeild legitimate or reliable results

07/29/11 8:54 pm

Accomplished this in 95 seconds.

07/29/11 8:40 pm

And if you read the context where I said I was joking, it's clear what I was joking about was not the speed which I can solve a cube. However, you are providing evidence that furthers my case on stupid democrats, (which was the joke)

07/29/11 8:37 pm

Once again nattytime have another beer, and please don't drink and drive especially on election day, I dont want someone who doesnt know the difference between a republican and a libertarian to cancel out my vote

07/29/11 3:11 pm

I vow to complete one before I die!

jzakprice Virginia
07/29/11 7:57 am

1 min 45 for 3x3, 7min xx seconds for 4x4, 13min xx seconds for 5x5. Im hooked on cubes. And can do 3x3 in the dark SLOWLY.

07/29/11 7:22 am

Uh the republican is fighting back. Te scandal out deny deny deny. But you clearly said in a few messages back you were just joking. So are you joking or is it not that hard? Witch one is it ?

07/29/11 5:09 am

Will smith did it in under 2min in "The Pursuit of Happyness". He now can do it in under 1. Myself? Not so much :)

Nerdz Texas
07/29/11 2:55 am

I did! I memorized how many moves I did :)

IBnj2sc South Carolina
07/29/11 2:41 am

I can solve it in the dark! Can u? I have the Braille version, quite challenging.....

07/29/11 1:06 am

I moved it once then moved it back. TADA it's solved

07/28/11 10:51 pm

Oh and even if I said 7 seconds flat, it would be 1.34 seconds off the world record, so like I said, have another beer nattytime and use the calculator function on your phone

07/28/11 10:47 pm

I've taught people to do it in 30 seconds, it's not that hard

07/28/11 10:46 pm

Have another beer natty time, I'm not a republican either, I'm a libertarian

07/28/11 10:45 pm

in the interest of full disclosure, I read a book on the solution. I was never able to get it solved quicker than 1 minute 24 seconds without it getting jammed up and exploding in my hands.

07/28/11 10:40 pm

i can do it anytime, anywhere.

andi24 Ohio
07/28/11 10:23 pm

No but never really bothered trying

tytygirl79 Indiana
07/28/11 10:23 pm

My friend knows how and she told me wat to do and i turned the cube, does that count?

Zack100 Tatooine
07/28/11 10:14 pm

Take off the stickers and put them back the right way!!!!!

GoFlo Peace Through Strength
07/28/11 9:53 pm

No, but I have tried in the past & have thought of looking up how it's done on the web.

07/28/11 9:50 pm

@alethia ... So your faster then the current European record with 7seconds and .77 seconds off the world record huh ? Typical Republican all lies !

07/28/11 9:48 pm

how many of you who have solved it looked it up on the Internet? YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!!

07/28/11 9:41 pm

No, but to be fair I've never ever attempted. Does looking up the algorithm beforehand count as cheating?

BloonZ Tennessee
07/28/11 9:20 pm

My record is 1 minute 56 seconds :)

07/28/11 8:41 pm

Yeah I was going to say world record is 5.66 seconds now, bud

07/28/11 8:17 pm

Oh thanks @him...really helped me out ;)

07/28/11 7:53 pm

I feel like at the end the question was yelling at me. I didnt even ask D:

07/28/11 7:50 pm

yes I can solve one! find me one youtube rubiks4sale :)

07/28/11 7:49 pm

@geobelker the world record is somewhere around 5.66 seconds now.

cabooseftw Illinois
07/28/11 7:35 pm

Nope. I look at one, and immediately want to throw it across the room.