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darthezu June 10th, 2014 8:36pm

Are the Republicans upset about the prisoner exchange being hypocrites since Reagan set the precedent for negotiating with terrorists nearly 35 years ago?

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variable00 New Jersey
06/11/14 5:09 am

It is a tangled web we weave. But you can't hold politicians accountable for the actions a president of the same party from over 30 years ago. What Reagan did was wrong, what Obama did was wrong. Bottom line. No need to drag political parties in.

darthezu Philly
06/11/14 6:47 am

I'm not bringing party politics into it though. The congressmen were because if it were a Republican president doing it they wouldn't be complaining about it. But the Democrats probably would be.

variable00 New Jersey
06/11/14 12:38 pm

I'm not suggesting you were, I'm suggesting politics shouldn't play a role in it period. It's a matter of what's right and wrong. Unfortunately that's no longer a valid reason for anything and it seems you always have to be on one side of the aisle.

darthezu Philly
06/10/14 1:39 pm

For those that didn't know about when Reagan/North/Israel armed the Iranian terrorists in exchange for the hostages: