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BillieJoeCobain June 10th, 2014 7:30pm

Inspired by Political and Okie: Do you have any cheesy/funny pickup/proposal lines?

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DrCarpenter Ann Arbor
06/10/14 6:40 pm

I have a nine inch tongue and can breathe out of my ears.

BillieJoeCobain Earth turns from sanity
06/11/14 11:02 am

So, uh, baby, ya wanna do something crude with canola oil? Lol

06/11/14 11:16 am

LOL again. Better though.

BillieJoeCobain Earth turns from sanity
06/11/14 4:18 pm

This is from an old TV show: Those clothes are nice. They would look even better in a ball by my bed.

06/11/14 4:36 pm

LOL. Still not great. Did she fall for it? You're getting better. :)

political Georgia
06/10/14 12:33 pm

Mine really weren't that good. Lol