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goodpeople June 10th, 2014 12:50pm

I may be about to embark on a 20-hour trip by car halfway across the country, and I'm also very nervous about doing so. Do you have any tips for a first time long distance driver?

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06/11/14 3:26 pm

Satellite radio really helps us with our long distance travels. When I drove 24 hours by myself ( over 4 days) personally I like audiobooks, but I would switch back to my MP3 player a a few hours or so and then back again. Good luck!

merlemaybelle Louisville KY
06/11/14 12:59 pm

if possible borrow a C B radio. listening to the truckers can be entertaining and informative regarding traffic conditions.

06/11/14 8:20 am

Don't push yourself. When you have to pee, pee while you have the chance. When you're hungry, eat while you have the chance. Some states don't have any food at rest stops. When you get tired. Stop driving.

AussieGirl Oz the Land of Wonder
06/11/14 7:45 am

Stop every 2-3 hours for a break, bathroom, snack, or just to walk around for a bit. Stretching helps loosen up muscles & helps prevent muscle cramps. Take lots of water, hard boiled eggs, jerky, p.b. crackers, cheese & crackers, grapes. Play music.

vin woof
06/10/14 4:04 pm

Chewing gum will help from falling asleep. Consider a AAA card. I had some other ideas but others beat me to it.

InspectorSpooky Deep Underground
06/10/14 3:16 pm

Bring picnic stuff if you have the room, and have the car checked before you go.

06/10/14 8:04 am

Enjoy the ride, be sure to look around, stretch your legs at interesting spots rather than just rest areas.
Bring some snacks and plenty of water (plus the bottles make good emergency bathrooms!).

Pirate Uses the Tap
06/10/14 5:59 am

Take a little time to get off the interstate and go through a few small towns to get the feel of the local atmosphere. It's a good break as well.

06/10/14 5:56 am

Take breaks when you are tired and take time to enjoy the sights. Have fun.