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TRJake June 10th, 2014 2:18am

What's your opinion of the Playstation 4 and why?

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TRJake Pendragon
06/09/14 7:24 pm

Negative. There's barely any exclusives, and you'd get a better experience on PC. Plus, you have to pay for PS+, which means you have to pay for your 'free' games.

narcher007 Minneapolis, MN
06/09/14 7:23 pm

I've never used one either, but it will do full HD and they didn't change the controller too much

TRJake Pendragon
06/09/14 7:30 pm

*Note* not all games run at 1080p or 60fps, example, Watch_Dogs runs at 900p/30fps on the PS4.