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Have you ever fallen asleep (without permission) at work or school?

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06/13/14 6:07 pm

I sleep on the job almost everyday...they can't fire me because its stress relief in a high stress environment...

06/12/14 4:15 pm

I go to sleep at work all the time! I only work 10 mins out of every hour & sleep 45 mins of the rest of the hour :) the other five min the alarm going off telling me to hurry up & go do my round!

06/12/14 12:24 am

Not only did I fall asleep in my economics class in high school, but I purposely went to sleep in it all the time. Football coach was the teacher and he loved to hear himself talk. Stay up the day before a test and learn everything. Passed with a B.

06/11/14 6:55 pm

I was in a movie one time, which remains nameless & most of the shooting took place between 6pm-6am, long night, no sleep. Went to the office & fell asleep while talking to a client. If he didn't know better, might have thought I was half-in-the-bag.

saliemster California
06/11/14 6:27 pm

I'm weird I can't fall asleep in class, even math, it's so boring it makes me a fucking artist.

Ivyra Earth
06/10/14 7:40 pm

I don't think I could ever fall asleep in a public place like that. I'm too aware of myself.

megomez712 Vagabond
06/10/14 4:49 pm

Broke my foot doing that in earth science. My foot fell asleep with me sitting at one of those stools and I woke up at the same time everyone was walking out. So I rushed to keep up and my first step down...

WhoAreYou Up In The Trees
06/10/14 3:24 pm

I work with this guy who sleeps in his cubicle most of the day. How in the world foes he get away with it?

dilbert The Dakotas
06/10/14 2:37 pm

I just fell asleep in a work meeting today. I must be getting sick or something because that never happens. But how humiliating!

06/10/14 1:04 pm

I'm the good student, so this really shouldn't happen. And the only time i fell asleep, it was put on facebook with a photo. Boo life!! :/

InspectorSpooky Deep Underground
06/10/14 12:06 pm

I swear they made those stupid desks as uncomfortable as possible, I would always wake up every 5 minutes. Didn't they know I need my sleeps.

06/10/14 8:21 am

I've been guilty of the head nodding & bopping trying to stay awake in class.

myfriendemily Will probably upset you
06/10/14 8:07 am

I stopped taking naps at 2 years old (idk why) and I've taken maybe 10 naps since then, never in public. Boring math classes made me so under stimulated that I /couldn't/ fall asleep.

weallhave1 Tennessee
06/10/14 7:22 am

My senior year of high school, I had trigonometry at 7am. The teacher sounded like Droopy the dog. I learned more and did better on homework the days I slept than I did the days I fought to stay awake.

JamesMadison La Palma
06/10/14 6:51 am

I used to always fall asleep in my first period

arctostaphylos Ankh Morpork, New York
06/10/14 6:35 am

I fell asleep in almost every class, almost every day, from 8th grade straight through college. I also fell asleep often when working at a law firm. Since then, I've mostly had jobs that keep me on my feet and moving, but if I sit for 5 or 10 mins...

06/10/14 6:26 am

I fell asleep in school a few times

ladyniner81 no hope for humanity
06/10/14 6:08 am

during lunch break. My supervisor had to come get me. Both of us had a good laugh about it

escapist xoxo
06/10/14 5:37 am

Freshman year, my narcolepsy was just developing and things got really bad. I would be actively trying to keep myself awake, then next thing I knew, I would be waking up. I fell asleep at bus stops, restaurants, literally everyday in class...

06/10/14 5:37 am

Yes. Sometimes it just can't be helped.

rebelfury76 No Justice, No Peace
06/10/14 5:17 am

My last job nothing else could get you fired faster

tdaddy Kentucky
06/10/14 6:22 am

Were you an air traffic controller? A diamond cutter? A neurosurgeon? I suppose there are a lot of jobs where constant vigilance is essential.

rebelfury76 No Justice, No Peace
06/10/14 8:48 am

Private security. They were very stringent about certain aspects of the job. For whatever one reason even the appearance of sleeping, once, could land you fired without them even batting an eye.

CTYankee!!! Connecticut
06/10/14 5:17 am

Work naps are the best!

06/10/14 4:52 am

Nope. I'm not much of a napper unless I'm sick or when my ex used to turn the TV to golf on Sunday afternoons. I did take a nap in an airport once before returning home from a wild trip to New Orleans; I think that was my only public nap.

06/10/14 4:51 am

School once. I was on the swim team (5 AM practices) & fell asleep during 6th hour science. I was awoken from by my teacher smashing a ruler on my desk next to my face. I about crapped my pants. Mr. Rose was one of my favorites, but that was mean

squib Northern New England
06/10/14 4:20 am

When I was a month pregnant I would fall asleep at my computer now and then.

jmw7477 Indiana
06/10/14 2:01 am

I took a nap on Saturday at school. I'm a nail tech student. We don't have class on Saturdays. We just have to be there for the hours & to take clients. We had no clients & I was tired. So I took a power nap at my desk.

jmw7477 Indiana
06/10/14 2:03 am

In middle & high school, I always got in quick naps during movie times.

KAnne Atlantic City, NJ
06/10/14 12:10 am

No but I took a nap with the kids I was babysitting once. I tried sleeping at school but I need to be horizontal in a comfortable bed. I have been over exhausted at work to the point of drinking multiple coffees to not collapse.

closed Lol hi
06/10/14 12:09 am

I'm a senior in my last week of HS. I've fallen asleep at school about 3 times a week ever since I was a freshmen. There's always been that one easy class where I just catch some Z's and have vivid dreams lol

closed Lol hi
06/10/14 12:10 am

One time I was at work and I had played a long football game the Friday night before and it was really early and I had to travel back home, got home at 3 and worked at 7. I fell asleep in the break room and my manager felt for me and let me leave.

06/10/14 12:00 am

I fell asleep at work once and no one noticed.

teachinla California
06/09/14 10:48 pm

Wouldn't dare sleep in class when a student. Later I was an elementary teacher, and I didn't dare take my eyes off of them.

dudley northern Virginia woods
06/09/14 10:45 pm

I once fell asleep at the Supreme Court. With an ex who was fascinated . At least I didn't snore.

susanr Colorado
06/09/14 10:29 pm

Not since high school, but yeah. I blamed it on something weird about the fluorescent lights, but I think it really was because I stayed up half the night reading in bed.

Oh wait - I used to fall asleep all the time in seminars at work, too...

susanr Colorado
06/09/14 10:30 pm

also partly because of staying up too late reading, but it basically stopped once I was diagnosed with sleep apnea & started using a CPAP machine.

JHawk3205 MD
06/09/14 10:26 pm

What? I'm gonna stop and ask permission to fall asleep?
Clearly any superior would be all, sure yeah, pass on out...

debob texas
06/09/14 10:20 pm

Only for 15 minutes during a break.

comppete Las Vegas
06/09/14 9:41 pm

The last time I had permission to sleep at school was 53 years ago in kindergarten. So my answer is yes.

MKK San Diego
06/09/14 9:31 pm

One of my colleagues scheduled a global marketing call for 5a. Let's just say I woke up long after my headset died

tdaddy Kentucky
06/09/14 9:29 pm

Yes, often. While power napping is frowned upon by the uneducated in the US it's a practice that's very heart healthy. Read up on napping in the wiki.

hannahanderson Sammamish, WA
06/09/14 9:18 pm

With my eyes OPEN. It was during math class. I was on the wrong dosage of Adderall and hadn't slept in 48 hours. It only lasted a couple seconds though.

MichaelAZuniga Jackson, GA
06/09/14 9:02 pm

Wait, do jobs give you permission to fall asleep? If so where can I apply?

06/10/14 4:52 am

I've seen ad agencies that say if you need a quick nap to refuel you're allowed to do so. They see it as just another break, just don't blow off your work to do so.

Wert A picture of my junk
06/09/14 8:58 pm

5am. 30 minutes in the bumper car shop. Then, back to work. I skipped lunch to offset it.

ElizabethL BOS . NC
06/09/14 8:51 pm

A few times in high school, and once in middle school!

anniepoops fear the deer
06/09/14 8:20 pm

Almost every week in my four hour night class in film.

EagleCoder Missouri
06/09/14 9:04 pm

You take classes on falling asleep during movies? I need to do that. I've probably been sleeping through movies the wrong way all of my life. :P

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
06/09/14 8:15 pm

No. But I've come close to falling asleep in church sometimes. It's odd how much of a difference standing up can make.

TomLaney1 Jesus is Lord
06/09/14 8:08 pm

Yes. I used to nod off in US History in High School. It was right after lunch. And the teacher was a monotone.

hannahanderson Sammamish, WA
06/09/14 9:20 pm

Sounds deadly- but not quite as deadly as loud, shrill teachers that make your ears hurt. I literally bought earplugs to use during one of my highschool classes.

TomLaney1 Jesus is Lord
06/09/14 9:34 pm

ROFL! I'm sorry to laugh. I can't imagine if I had seen one of my students put earplugs in! But where I taught, we had one worse. A math teacher who mumbled in a thick, incomprehensible Hispanic accent, and when a student got frustrated enough to ask

TomLaney1 Jesus is Lord
06/09/14 9:36 pm

a question, he'd say, "Lookindeboook! It'sindeboook!" LOL. :-D

hannahanderson Sammamish, WA
06/09/14 9:47 pm

Hahaha that reminds me of my current math teacher. She has a heavy indian accent and not the best grammar. She is also a big fan of the textbook.

TomLaney1 Jesus is Lord
06/09/14 10:28 pm

Yep. It's apparently easier than mastering the language! :-d

redsox95 New England
06/09/14 7:58 pm

Yes, us pages fell asleep all the time in the senate lobby. Hard not to when you're 16 and working 60 hour weeks while going to school. We also wanted to keep the status quo of lazy federal workers up.

LadyA817 DFW area Texas
06/09/14 7:58 pm

Yes I worked full time while in high school and carried honors classes. I slept whenever I got the chance including before school, at lunch, during any lecture that I already knew the material! I barely remember my junior year but I know I survived!

06/09/14 7:55 pm

Last semester, I fell asleep in Spanish 3, almost every other week.