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curtron June 9th, 2014 10:08pm

Does Affirmative Action make the assumption that minority groups are incapable of achieving the same as non-minority groups without government intervention?

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dudley northern Virginia woods
06/09/14 10:42 pm

It should be insulting .

swervin Maryland
06/09/14 7:51 pm

Yes, very much so. It is racism at its core.

DavesNotHere where am I
06/09/14 6:11 pm

It makes the assumption that they should be treated with hand outs for the rest of time. And it enables racism courtesy of the US government.

b4mytime Orange County, CA
06/09/14 7:47 pm

Yup, it's so easy being a colored person in this country...

DavesNotHere where am I
06/10/14 2:29 am

Is it easy for anyone?

sadewt Rexburg, Idaho
06/09/14 3:32 pm

i think we should shift to an affirmative action based on your household income as a child.

sadewt Rexburg, Idaho
06/10/14 4:23 am

poor people need the boost, since they do much worse in school. and it would still end up helping racial minorities since they tend to be poorer, but without having any of the race issues involved in the current system. and it would probably help

sadewt Rexburg, Idaho
06/10/14 4:23 am

increase economic mobility too.

veritas1 Panda
06/09/14 3:15 pm

It makes the assumption that they would otherwise be denied admission on account of race even if they are of the same achievement level.

06/09/14 3:20 pm

I agree. There is also substantial evidence to back this theory up.

itsOkay no longer answering here
06/09/14 7:36 pm

Yes, and then it prescribes racism as the fix.