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EarlyBird Portland
06/08/14 8:51 am

Every single poll.

06/08/14 6:21 am

Not very often. I don't like the system, I have been complaining a long time there should be no down rate option.

Ivyra Earth
06/08/14 8:32 pm

I'm just curious, why would you do away with it?

06/08/14 8:52 pm

Some use the rate down option to penalize someone for suggesting something they don't like such as free birth control or no gun control etc. Always hot topics. Some also rate the user instead of the poll, because they had a previous encounter.

06/08/14 8:53 pm

The ratings should be used to flag interesting or new polls instead of always the same subjects, but it doesn't work well with down ratings.

Ivyra Earth
06/08/14 9:11 pm

Those aren't very good reasons to dislike polls, it makes me kind of frustrated that people have to do things like that. I usually dislike polls if not enough background was given or something.

Pirate Uses the Tap
06/08/14 3:04 am

If you mean click the like feature yes I do.