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Show Of Hands June 7th, 2014 2:09pm

Comic strip showdown: Calvin and Hobbes or The Far Side?

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Aubie83 Chattanooga
06/11/14 8:25 pm

Forever! Calvin & Hobbes! The best!

06/10/14 7:36 pm

wow didn't think it would be this split. Calvin and Hobbes, hands down

06/08/14 8:32 pm

I agree with most of you... This was the most difficult choice ever! Have books by both, can recite my favorites of both, have both on my bulletin board, both in clippings my Dad gave me. It's a tie.

robclark89 Utah
06/08/14 5:17 pm

If you've never read Calvin & Hobbes, please do yourself a favor and go read some today.

4boot LaTrineodeur, MN
06/08/14 12:20 am

Which one could I easier live without? C&H by a tiger whisker...therefore Far Side wins.

kenzbt New York
06/07/14 10:02 pm

very hard to choose here. I chose fair side but I love C& V

ladyniner81 no hope for humanity
06/07/14 9:38 pm

both. I refuse to decide and no one can make me

lightsabr2 The Big Sky
06/07/14 9:37 pm

I had to flip a coin for this poll. C&H because it landed heads.

curtass diagon alley
06/07/14 8:42 pm

These are literally my two favorites lol. But I chose the far side just bc it's so weird, which I love. I'm guilty of having several books full of those comics!

kc17 Minnesota
06/07/14 8:04 pm

This really shouldn't even be a competition. Calvin & Hobbes is a legend.

kc17 Minnesota
06/07/14 8:05 pm

And so is the Far Side hahaha I just will forever have a special connection with Calvin & Hobbes.

Injectable Trump Killed Babbitt
06/07/14 6:16 pm

Grew up on C&H. How can you beat a T-rex in a fighter plane?

lightsabr2 The Big Sky
06/07/14 9:36 pm

I actually have that frame in my folder of rotating wallpapers.

thebob Medford Oregon
06/07/14 6:05 pm

Two different generations. Check out the 40+ age group

renormal redefining normal
06/07/14 4:02 pm

Ooh that's a tough one!

suro New York
06/07/14 3:52 pm

The Far Side by far!!!

DamageInc California
06/07/14 2:06 pm

I think this has been one of the hardest polls for me. I went with The Far Side since it was the first one I used to read.

06/07/14 1:32 pm

Tough choice, they were both great.

Shiggybythebay Proud Bay Area Native
06/07/14 1:21 pm

I like Calvin and Hobbes.

06/07/14 12:42 pm

This poll has split my soul in two pieces and asked me to choose one of them. One cannot simply have Calvin and Hobbes OR The Far Side. Both comics work hand-in-hand to build ones childhood and well being. How dare you ask me to choose between them!

DamageInc California
06/07/14 2:07 pm

My sentiments exactly!

Arananthi Literal Ninja
06/07/14 12:38 pm

Tough call. Really tough -- but in the end, Calvin's dad wins out. I want to be like him when I grow up.

werpinator Brookings, SD
06/07/14 12:29 pm

Tough poll, the second and third best comic strips of all time.

06/07/14 12:00 pm

This may have been the most difficult decision of my life.

susanr Colorado
06/07/14 11:53 am

I flipped my SOH nickel to vote; it's an impossible choice. But what a wonderful article!

2katz I live in Nebraska
06/07/14 11:20 am

Love them both as much as my treasured original Pogo collection.

ncbuc Get Over It
06/07/14 11:13 am

Cruel...just cruel.

DavesNotHere where am I
06/07/14 11:07 am

I miss the Farside

tidford My little piece of heaven
06/07/14 11:07 am

Gary "Farside" Larson was the greatest cartoonist in American history, even greater than Charles Addams!

Gary - PLEASE come out if retirement!

06/07/14 10:59 am

My two favorite strips! Both delve into existentialism and the idiocy of modern life, and I respect both cartoonists for quitting before they ran out of good material.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
06/07/14 10:09 am

I think I mostly liked the Far Side better, especially the daily calendar, but I bet my mom has clipped and sent me more of C&H.

dudley northern Virginia woods
06/07/14 10:01 am

Very close. I have to say Calvin though although Far Side is probably more quotable. Both are wise, intelligent with accurate assessments of the human comedy.

firefly5 the verse
06/07/14 9:59 am

C&H by far. The far side had really good strips, but some weren't so hot. C&H was gold.

Rosebud Ohio
06/07/14 9:53 am

That was beautiful. Made even better as I also like Pearls. Made my day to read that.

jvc1133 61535
06/07/14 9:29 am

I'm bi I'll go ether way

bnnt Los Angeles
06/07/14 9:22 am


This is like asking which foot I like better!

Rosebud Ohio
06/07/14 10:10 am

I know, right? I'll probably change my answer a dozen times today. Right now Hobbs is ahead because of the article.

melders Entertainment Sometimes
06/07/14 9:21 am

Those are my two favorite comic strips of all time. I chose Calvin and Hobbes.

gonzoboy Arizona
06/07/14 9:02 am

I totally dig The Far Side! Yep, my choice, here! :)

06/07/14 9:02 am

The far side is just weird...

06/07/14 7:47 pm

Wonderfully and delightfully weird <3

Macmurphy35 Alabama
06/07/14 8:49 am

I love the far side, but C&H is the all-time best.

Bord09 Oklahoma
06/07/14 8:45 am

I don't even find Calvin and Hobbs funny. The Far Side on the other hand is my favorite of all time.

06/07/14 8:31 am

That's a tough one... My two favs of all time!

bstokosa Connecticut
06/07/14 8:54 am

Who expects a choice between the best two comics there is. - in my opinion (just past peanuts)

06/07/14 10:51 am

I grew up on FS and CH, still have all the collections of both, passed em on to my oldest boy and love to watch him enjoy them.....
Very find memories attached to these two comics..

Tony SOH Founder
06/07/14 9:08 am

ahh, but you did

inge MIA
06/07/14 9:12 am

I closed my eyes and picked one. I'll never tell which.

susanr Colorado
06/07/14 11:44 am

I flip an actual coin for polls like this. It's my Official SOH Nickel, & lives on the table next to my iPad.

suppressedID keep Summer safe
06/07/14 7:59 am

I've already changed my vote 10 times.

beanD California
06/07/14 7:57 am

Hardest. Poll. Ever.

cpaswr just say the letters
06/07/14 7:54 am

Why do you make me choose??? I want both back.