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SFLiberal June 6th, 2014 5:50pm

Inspired by Whichendisup: Did/Does your high school celebrate student diversity? If yes, how so?

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TitaniumOreo Upstate New York
06/06/14 7:10 pm

My school has all the racial and political diversity of a bag of marshmallows

Injectable Trump Killed Babbitt
06/06/14 6:37 pm

We had a nice mix of races but I don't remember any cultural celebrations unless it was in Spanish, Japanese, French, etc.

There was an LBGT club too.

mc88 Cleveland OSU
06/06/14 4:02 pm

No, because it is a waste of time and resources

gallae Michigan
06/06/14 3:50 pm

We did. But it was difficult to apply to the student population at a farm town with only a handful of people who weren't white.

kelsey498 Colorado
06/06/14 3:08 pm

Not at all. My high school was full of white kids with a few Hispanic, black, and foreign exchange students from Asia sprinkled in, mostly Christian and mostly heterosexual. There wasn't really much diversity which was very unfortunate.

FalloutBoy97 Ohio
06/06/14 1:44 pm

Yeah my I live in crackerville lol not much diversity to celebrate.

06/06/14 12:13 pm

Last year my high school had some serious problems with racism. Eventually some stuff blew up between the "blacks" and "hicks" (both cliques I wouldn't enjoy being anywhere near). Ever since the admin. has worked to downplay diversity, besides to...

06/06/14 12:13 pm

…shame people for it.

aj1545 Cat Lady
06/06/14 11:27 am

Hahaha no. They did punish everyone who did day of silence though. Also openly shamed pregnant girls in class. And never spoke about race or racism.

06/06/14 11:30 am

What?! I thought schools were supposed to help solve problems, not further them.

aj1545 Cat Lady
06/06/14 11:41 am

Not that one lol...and icing on the cake , this school was public.

06/06/14 11:44 am

Oh come on! I was just defending public schools in another poll.

aj1545 Cat Lady
06/06/14 12:03 pm

Don't worry , it was still a breath of fresh air after my k-8 private education. But yeah, it's depressing.

Whichendisup uniquely unoriginal
06/06/14 11:08 am

everyday was diversity day at my HS.

thanks for the shout out SF.

06/06/14 11:10 am

Did you have various concerts, assemblies, and presentations highlighting different groups as well?

06/06/14 11:12 am

And this is totally random, but have you noticed our agreement rate?

Whichendisup uniquely unoriginal
06/06/14 11:20 am

lol.. no. I went to HS in Brooklyn, NY with a graduating class of over 1,000 kids. you couldn't exist in the school without learning about other cultures without intentionally trying really hard not to.

I just noticed the %. :-)

06/06/14 11:26 am

We had these multicultural assemblies, drag shows, and other assemblies to educate students about various cultural holidays.

Whichendisup uniquely unoriginal
06/06/14 11:27 am

sounds great, that would have been nice. I'm glad my kids will have it.

06/06/14 11:05 am

Oh jeez. Not a pleasant decade.

Burntwaffle VA Politics and Pie
06/06/14 2:36 pm

Its what gave rise to the hippies and other leftists.

susanr Colorado
06/06/14 4:32 pm

The *lack* of diversity in my home environment (village, grade & high school, church) contrasted with what was going on in the "real world" (Chicago area, Civil Rights era) is what drove me straight into the hippie movement.

MJSeals Esq.
06/06/14 10:56 am

Nope, that was the students job by making friends, not my school job.

Nizabelle Cambridge, MA
06/06/14 10:54 am

Yeah I went to an all girls boarding school and we had a ton of girls from allllll over the world and then there was also this scholarship thing they would give out to like 20 girls each year from inner cities so we hit ever demographic