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ajpreyes June 6th, 2014 12:41am

"You don't need religion to have morals. If you can't determine right from wrong, then you lack empathy, not religion." - Unknown (attributed to anonymous)

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Tariq88 Utah
06/08/14 6:51 am

Very true, but religion helps as well.

dxstap Bloomington, Indiana
06/08/14 5:40 am

I agree with the first part.
Don't understand the empathy part.

EarthMunkey The Golden Rule. Always.
06/07/14 10:44 am

Very true.

In some cases religion can breed immorality.

mugendraco Alabama
06/07/14 9:24 am

I lack the basic emotion of empathy, but I was still able to use logic and reason to determine right from wrong at a young age.

Ailuro49 Just MY own opinion
06/06/14 2:08 pm

Even new born babies have empathy, a set sense of right & wrong and not a clue of religion. They don't know if they'll be taught to be a Jew like their dad or a Catholic like their mom, etc.

KAnne Atlantic City, NJ
06/05/14 10:27 pm

Yes. Of course. Morals and religion are often related but correlation is not the same as causation. Amorality and immorality are not caused by lack of religious guidelines.

swervin Maryland
06/05/14 7:49 pm

Agree 100%. Fantastic quote.

06/05/14 7:10 pm

That's a very good quote. I agree.

DavesNotHere where am I
06/05/14 6:44 pm

Great quote. Absolutely true. What good is religion to a sociopath? They'll use it to go on a killing spree.

KatG Liberal in Ohio
06/05/14 6:16 pm

I love your polls :)