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MrAngerer June 5th, 2014 9:58pm

Are you going to watch The Fault In Our Stars in it's opening weekend? (This weekend)

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swervin Maryland
06/05/14 7:57 pm

Nope. It is not the kind of movie I would watch and the wife already hates it. Thank goodness!

horseshoefan Midwest
06/05/14 5:53 pm

Sadly not opening weekend, but hopefully soon!

beanD California
06/05/14 5:43 pm

No, I have to finish reading the book first.

06/05/14 5:12 pm

Opening day… not extremely excited at the prospect, but seeing my older brother watching TFiOS should be well worth it.

beanD California
06/05/14 5:44 pm

I've heard the movie is really good! Why aren't you excited?

06/05/14 5:57 pm

I'm not too fond of the book. While everyone says it doesn't sugarcoat anything, it sugarcoats just as much as the next cancer/death romance book down. When Augustus dies Hazel's conclusions on life are all questionable at best. It makes a bitter…

06/05/14 6:00 pm

…ending and still fairytales it up. The first time I read it I loved it, but after a couple more times, it's just not for me.

06/06/14 6:22 pm

Ok, I take it all back. It was great.

beanD California
06/06/14 7:54 pm

Hahaha that's fantastic. I heard amazing things about it!! I'm looking forward to watching it in a couple weeks.

suppressedID hope despite the times
06/05/14 4:30 pm

Already sick of the hype.

dawl adulting
06/05/14 4:12 pm

Not this wknd but eventually

droo Santa Barbara
06/05/14 3:03 pm

Nope. I think the book is extremely overrated.