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Is it ethical to "call in sick" to work when you aren't actually sick, but just want a day off?

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06/10/14 6:54 am

Notice how dictate show less ethics? Telling isn't it?

06/10/14 6:54 am

'Democrats' not dictate

06/09/14 9:04 am

I call it a mental health day

06/11/14 11:22 am

Yes, and a mental health day is very valid. Sometimes people just need a break from their stress.

dogsaver new Jersey
06/08/14 7:51 pm

Most work places now just give personal time off to use as need.

GlockMan1 Alabama
06/08/14 8:12 am

You are in fact STEALING FROM YOUR EMPLOYER. They don't OWE you a day off.

Happy Hong Kong
06/07/14 6:00 pm

I hate it when employees do this to me. It often happens when there has been decent snowfall in Tahoe.

Happy Hong Kong
06/07/14 6:03 pm

I give 15 vacation days and 7 personal days to new employees, but they still want to use sick time for skiing. :-|

Lonewulf333 alienum est proprium
06/07/14 4:24 pm

I say it depends on how many personal days they give you. My firm gave us only 4 personal days for the year... the entire YEAR. And if you used a sick day for a legitimate reason, they would harrass you about it.

corino Utah
06/07/14 3:23 pm

depends on what's going to go undone.

hapiotter2 Utah
06/07/14 11:04 am

This is why some companies have personal time off instead of vacation and sick leave.

stefanie22 Cincinnati
06/06/14 5:27 pm

As long as you're not messing up a deadline or screwing someone over by doing so, I don't think there's a problem taking a mental health day. Just don't make it a habit.

MrsSimmons2u Ohio
06/06/14 4:10 pm

Sometimes you are sick...sick of the bs, and need a "mental health day". :)

Bulldog74 California
06/06/14 12:00 pm

Apparently if you have to lie to get the day off then your not an exceptional employee. What ever profession your in might not be your thing. You might want to find a new profession where your employer wants to keep you happy because you stand out

06/06/14 11:09 am

Brain frytosis is a real sickness that you get when your brain fried -_-

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
06/06/14 8:54 am

I don't call in sick unless I actually am sick. If I don't want to come in, then I just tell them that I won't make it in.

loveraider13 Tennessee
06/06/14 1:57 am

We don't have "sick" days anymore. It's just called personal time.

06/06/14 1:10 am

Based no this poll, and as a small business owner, I will ask future candidates their political ideology. Democrats will be not make it past the initial interview.

06/06/14 8:29 pm

I wouldn't repeat that position, or you will soon see a law that defines that question as discrimination. I see your point.

06/06/14 9:15 pm

Not sure if it is against the law at this point to discriminate based on political ideologies, but give the Libs another few years and it undoubtedly will be.

06/06/14 9:25 pm

Last time I interviewed a candidate for a job, I asked HR for a list of questions/subjects I couldn't ask/discuss. They thought it was a joke, but I was serious. I never got the list.

06/07/14 1:48 am

They thought it was a joke because you should already know the questions you shouldn't ask, or because they did not understand the potential liabilities?

06/07/14 5:41 am

I was not born in the US and have only lived here a few years. Where I come from in Europe we can discuss age, family situation, plans for the future and many other questions not allowed here. It's still not clear to me what is off limits.

06/06/14 12:44 am

It's not ok to do it all the time just because you don't feel like working. However, sometimes an occasional "mental health day" is needed. As long as it's not abused, I'm ok with it.

sukiemac Michigan
06/06/14 2:51 am

Definitely need mental health days

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
06/06/14 8:56 am

'Mental health day'??? What in the world is wrong with calling it a day off? Why do we need some fancy-shmancy term to make it sound like we're doing something other than playing hooky?

06/06/14 12:13 am

But seriously, what about a "mental health day" as sick time?

06/06/14 12:12 am

I'm having a problem with my eyes....I can't see myself coming I to work today.

Captainbstring Biden is a Clown
06/05/14 11:21 pm

Of course being "sick and tired" of the bull śhît at work still qualifies for a sick day.

06/05/14 11:00 pm

Calling in sick to avoid a project deadline, busy day or otherwise avoid a commitment is wrong. Or calling in sick so you can make a social commitment is wrong.
I have no issue using a "sick" do if I need sleep or to wind down....

06/05/14 11:01 pm

I jut did that the other day, keep in mind my last day off was in February (including weekends, so I was working 7 days a week) and often hitting 60 pr more hours. By they way, I am salaried and paid for 40 hours only.

06/05/14 11:03 pm

When I call, I am upfront about just needing sleep. Only do this selectively and when really needed. I figure the employer has no issue getting more time from me than they bought, so I can use the time they put in my benefits package when I need.

06/05/14 9:16 pm

I call that a mental health day!! Take it!!

artfulsf Oakland, CA
06/05/14 8:52 pm

Of course not!

Antoinette Michigan
06/05/14 8:31 pm

I don't call in sick because I need the money.

Ivyra Earth
06/05/14 8:26 pm

Even if you aren't physically sick, if you aren't up for work, something must be wring.

06/05/14 9:52 pm

People are lazy.

Ivyra Earth
06/06/14 8:23 pm

Well, then that's their problem.

06/06/14 8:26 pm

Agree. It surprised me how many on this poll argued that it's OK to just take a day off without being sick.

Ivyra Earth
06/06/14 8:35 pm

The thing is, a job is a responsibility. And you're being paid for it.

06/06/14 8:37 pm

Completely agree. The comments in this poll were really disappointing. Some people have no moral issues just taking a day off. It's an astonishing lack of responsibility.

Ivyra Earth
06/07/14 8:57 pm

I guess it depends on the job, but I think I'd feel guilty for letting people down if I liked my job.

omagabi Surf City
06/05/14 8:20 pm

Even though I don't have any set number of sick days I never call in sick unless I am really too sick to go into the office. If I need a day to take care of something personal I tell my boss in advance and then work from home around my appointment.

galvduck Galveston Island
06/05/14 7:59 pm

I used to work in a Level I trauma center. It was a given that if you weren't 100% physically or mentally up to the challenges you knew you might face, it was better for the patients if you took time off to re-energize and get stronger/well.

ladyniner81 I hate people
06/05/14 7:58 pm

No. I suck it up. Because then if I'm legitimately sick, I have days. And I need the money.

06/05/14 7:31 pm

Personally I think it's stupid that companies have designated sick days. I think you should just get a set number of days off & you can take them for whatever reason you want. I don't get sick 10 days a year why should I have 10 sick days to use 2?

singkitty In the cloud
06/06/14 5:07 am

My work doesn't give sick days. It's all PTO, and I only get 5.

singkitty In the cloud
06/05/14 6:59 pm

It's called mental health day. Lol I don't get sick often, but sometimes I get so stressed out, a day of calling in is necessary. I do it maybe once or twice a year.

Blunderbuss Dont blink.
06/05/14 6:21 pm

I absolutely agree with those who suggest that mental health and/or stress days are legitimate uses of sick time. Faking an illness is dishonest. I've easily avoided dishonesty by saying "I need to use a sick day" when I call HR.

pcox104 Florida
06/05/14 5:16 pm

Mental health day. It's perfectly fine.

mamaof2plus2 Illinois
06/05/14 5:16 pm

In my field everyone need a mental health day once in awhile.

Wackacrat Harford County
06/05/14 5:00 pm

A lie is a lie and always unethical. Thats what personal days are for. You only get a few so use them wisely.

singkitty In the cloud
06/05/14 7:01 pm

My sick days and vacation days are the same. The only difference is that they want advanced notice, which isn't always possible in major times of stress. I just say I'm not feeling well, which isn't a lie.

Wackacrat Harford County
06/06/14 3:28 am

Personal days are different than vacation days and sick days. Vacation are planned days off. Sick is when you are sick with an illness. Personal are for days when something unexpectedly came up and you can not work. Still no need to lie.

singkitty In the cloud
06/06/14 5:06 am

I still don't see how saying you're not well is a lie. Mental health is part of your general health. Also it's not different at my work. I get 5 PTO days. If I call in, there goes a day.

06/05/14 4:43 pm

Your relationship with your boss should be good enough for you to ask for a day off for yourself.

CTYankee!!! Connecticut
06/05/14 4:39 pm

Mental health day

06/05/14 4:20 pm

Stress is a primary factor of the leading killer in the US, heart disease. Nothing unethical about a stress day.

htcbump Florida
06/05/14 8:36 pm

I believe it is about sixth place as contributing to heart disease per the AHA. It is over rated by most people.

fifeSymington Rose City
06/05/14 4:07 pm

if you really need that day off, then your mental health deserves that time to recover. It's perfectly ethical as long as you don't abuse the system. I've never done it though.

06/05/14 4:02 pm

OMG 46% think its okay to lie and cheat an employer. It's no wonder this country is in trouble.We lack the integrity, moral responsibility and ethics to recognize this is dishonest.This is unconscionable!God help us, we are doomed by callous behavior

06/05/14 4:34 pm

OMG!! ROFL!!! LOL!!!

singkitty In the cloud
06/05/14 7:04 pm

How is it lying if the need for the day off is stress related? When I say "I'm not feeling well" how is that a lie? It ultimately makes me more efficient at my job if I take a much needed day off. ( haven't had one in over a year )

06/05/14 7:50 pm

Singkitty, no matter what it's called, it's still robbing from your employer. Don't know what your company offers, many have AL, SL, BL, PL. I don't think it means a lot unless it's excessive abuse. It also means your job permanently by someone else

singkitty In the cloud
06/05/14 7:56 pm

But how is it lying? If I say, "I'm not well" and I'm so stressed to the point of panic attacks and lack of appetite, how is that any different from having a cold?

singkitty In the cloud
06/05/14 8:03 pm

Also it's not robbing from my employer. My sick days are my PTO days. It's robbing from MY vacation time.

htcbump Florida
06/05/14 8:33 pm

I think vacation is for stress relief unless you are in crisis. BTW, there are many good things stress does. It is how you handle it.

htcbump Florida
06/06/14 8:22 am

Stress itself is neither good or bad. On the positive side it inspires concentration, focus, and action. The success of the action relieves stress. It is how nature gets you ready to perform. Of course, if you do nothing or fail on a continuing basis

06/06/14 1:25 pm

Many people have mental health issues but if you have any degree of integrity you call it what it is and charge the appropriate time. Singkitty, you don't play hooky and then go shopping or out to lunch with the girls or boys. It's all about honesty.

singkitty In the cloud
06/06/14 3:59 pm

I said no such thing about playing hooky and going out to lunch. I don't think taking a day off now and again for stress relief is dishonest in any way. I have plenty of integrity and I don't consider it lying.

06/06/14 4:08 pm

Singkitty, sounds to me like you might have a guilty conscience otherwise you would stop beating a dead horse. End of discussion!

singkitty In the cloud
06/07/14 5:23 am

I wouldn't have to beat a dead horse if you'd quit beating yours. No guilt here, just trying to illustrate my point.

curtass diagon alley
06/05/14 3:52 pm

Technically yes since it's lying but I've done it my share of times lol

MaxineL New Jersey
06/05/14 3:47 pm

Nowadays, companies are combining sick and vacation days so you might get 15 days a year to use or lose.

06/05/14 3:52 pm

There's still a difference between a vacation day arranged in advance and a sick day where someone has to cover on short notice.

BamaGirl ROLL TIDE from Texas
06/05/14 3:41 pm

I think if you call in sick, because you are physically or mentally exhausted & need a break, I think that is okay & would probably prevent a more serious illness & more sick days, but to call in sick, just for the heck of it, isn't as okay to me.

06/05/14 3:16 pm

I wouldn't say it's ethical, but it's not something I would point a finger at.

omniku dot com
06/05/14 3:15 pm

I said no, but I do believe in the validity of mental health days... There are days where you aren't physically sick, but you may just need a break so you don't breakdown. Stress will kill you!

FollowYourBliss Never Happy, Ever After
06/05/14 3:09 pm

I don't believe it's unethical. If your job is like mine, you only get a few sick days before you're punished. If they want to essentially waste a sick day, that's their prerogative. They'll have less days for when they actually are sick.

runschmoopie WNY
06/05/14 3:08 pm

It is not ethical to lie.
If you want a ‘personal day’ call it that, but don't say your are sick when you are not.

If you are not allowed unscheduled personal days, then man up cupcake and get yourself to work.

06/05/14 3:08 pm

shows how unethical liberals are

upthabutt guess
06/05/14 3:01 pm

It is your choice how you spend your allotted "sick days"