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phillofPF June 5th, 2014 1:45pm

Do you consider meals from a box ("helpers", mac, cakes, etc) "homemade"?

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06/05/14 8:30 pm

As a chef, I prep and cook like (or better ;-) than a commercial kitchen. was asking because while I make most from scratch, I also cook ahead (4 kids) so I was wondering if people see a difference in "box food" and homemade. ....

susanr Colorado
06/05/14 2:26 pm

I think it's fair to consider them "homemade" but I wouldn't call them "made from scratch" (such a peculiar term; I wonder what its origin is). It might be hard to draw the line between, though. What about a jar or pasta sauce? What if I always add

susanr Colorado
06/05/14 2:28 pm

stuff to it, like vegetables or meats? If you make a pasta meal & don't make the actual pasta with your own hands, is that homemade or not? I use both of those, but I don't use any kind of mix from a box, so I don't count those thing as

susanr Colorado
06/05/14 2:28 pm

homemade *for me* - but I don't care if other people do.

susanr Colorado
06/05/14 9:56 pm

That's really interesting - I never would have guessed that was the origin. Thank you!

EarlyBird Portland
06/05/14 11:33 am

Lol. No, I don't consider it homemade.

Dazey Beagles Rule
06/05/14 7:40 am

If it ends up on a plate that I have to wash, it's designated as homemade. ;-)