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alynn Somewhere wonderful
06/06/14 4:25 pm

I'm fine with either one. If I'm in a hurry I'll go to self checkout.

06/06/14 3:12 pm

Depends on length of the respective lines and how many items I have.

curtron basement of the Alamo
06/06/14 12:43 pm

Always self checkout. Worst part is people that don't know how to work self checkout always choose self checkout and ruin it for everyone else.

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
06/06/14 12:28 pm

Cashier. He or she is someone to talk to.

mugendraco Alabama
06/04/14 6:58 pm

Depends on how many items I get. 1 or 2 and I go for self-checkout. Any more than that and there's a 95% chance of it malfunctioning and a person has to come over anyway. So I save time and just go to a cashier.