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GrandmaALiCE June 4th, 2014 11:19pm

Inspired by Ersco: With four cities left in the running for the GOP national convention in 2016, Cleveland is still in the race among Denver, Dallas, and Kansas City. Will Cleveland get the convention?

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RINOTom Peoria, IL
06/05/14 2:46 pm

It better be that or Denver. Why the hell would we not have it in a battleground state?!

AussieGirl Oz the Land of Wonder
06/05/14 7:40 am

Cuyahoga County is 100% Democratic and suffering a lot of poverty, heavily African American, with failing schools in Cleveland. The GOP, and our Republican Governor Kasich, would have a lot of 'splainin' to do, Lucy!

RossDMands Miami Township, OH
06/05/14 7:05 am

Cleveland is smack dab in the middle of an overwhelmingly Democrat loyal county. It'd be pretty stupid to locate a National Republican event there, giving the economic benefits of tourism to the enemy.

06/05/14 8:21 am

I'm pretty sure they base it on rational criteria ... You know, stuff like adequate facilities, hotel rooms, ability to support the needs of the delegates, security, etc. LOL at "giving benefit to the enemy."

06/05/14 8:22 am

By the way, Ross, where are you in Ohio?

06/05/14 8:23 am

Never mind, I see it in your profile. Where is Milford?

fergie Ohio
06/05/14 6:10 am

Cleveland will get it just because of Ohio's importance in the election.

suppressedID hope despite the times
06/04/14 10:53 pm

Cleveland DESERVES the GOP.

MadCow Kansas Proud
06/05/14 12:14 pm

Why, what did Cleveland ever do to deserve that circus?

kelsey498 Colorado
06/04/14 9:34 pm

I don't care who gets it as long as it's not Denver.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
06/04/14 8:48 pm

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06/04/14 9:27 pm

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06/04/14 9:32 pm

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06/04/14 9:35 pm

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06/04/14 9:38 pm

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TopsQueen Oregon Coast
06/05/14 12:59 am

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06/04/14 8:29 pm

Go Cleveland! I don't want it in KC.

06/04/14 10:12 pm

Sh! Don't tell ersco. LOL

06/04/14 7:14 pm

Cleveland is my maiden name lol

06/04/14 9:11 pm

Of course they do ... as do the Indians and most other Cleveland sports teams. Oh well! :)

06/04/14 10:12 pm

Dallas? That's nowhere near Connecticut.

DavesNotHere where am I
06/04/14 5:44 pm

Both parties need Ohio. It would help the GOP.

Posco BBQ Enthusiast
06/04/14 7:09 pm

It's going to be hard to beat our presentation!

06/04/14 9:08 pm

I am not involved, except as an interested Clevelander. I gather you are actively working on the KC presentation. I did hear a blurb on TV, this evening. One of the GOP guys was very impressed by us. He said something to ...

06/04/14 9:10 pm

... the effect of, "The other cities are going to have to work very hard to beat Cleveland." :)

Posco BBQ Enthusiast
06/05/14 5:22 am

I think it would be near if Cleveland or KC won the bid since we're both the underdogs. Even though I have no connection to the GOP I think it would be great to host it.

06/05/14 7:36 am

I'm in Tampa and it was certainly a boost to our economy here, but made the traffic pretty horrible.