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Show Of Hands June 4th, 2014 1:07pm

21+ year olds: have you ever had your own secretary / administrative assistant?

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djnelson70 CA
06/05/14 10:31 pm

Shared 2 admin among 50 people. I don't have one now and really miss it

shredguy Michigan
06/05/14 9:08 am

Yes, she is out there just emailing away right now.

debob texas
06/04/14 7:34 pm

I have a teacher's aide. Does that count?

MissN The Experiment
06/04/14 6:07 pm

..although I do share secretaries with the business owner I work with. We're like friends, practically.

BamaGirl ROLL TIDE from Texas
06/04/14 1:42 pm

She actually was the admin. Asst. for the whole group ( five people)

bnnt Los Angeles
06/04/14 12:57 pm

I had a great one for 6 years that was downright amazing managing me!

06/04/14 11:46 am

Tempting as this sounds, I've heard it's illegal to own people.

CoffeeNow Powderpuff Leftist
06/04/14 4:53 pm

"It's not illegal. It's frowned masturbating on an airplane"

hoosierwisdom inner voice
06/04/14 9:07 am

Doing evaluations suck!

lindyj New Hampshire
06/04/14 7:43 am

I have lots of assistants, technicians. No secretaries

StilettoMiss SF med law, meme queen
06/04/14 7:18 am

I had an assistant in college, it was wonderful :)

Zod Above Pugetropolis
06/04/14 7:16 am

I've never had the kind of job where an administrative assistant would be much use. I have had and been an assistant on position, handling computer and paperwork entries and landline calls, but that's more like being a copilot than a secretary.

duey in a fools paradise
06/04/14 6:52 am

Yes and realistically she is the glue in our office. Very professional I couldn't do what I do without her. I get her coffee, yep she's that important here!

JWO Music City, USA
06/04/14 12:06 pm

I hear you.

06/04/14 6:36 am

Yes. I had one before I became a stay at home dad. Some days I wish I still had one. It's very easy to get used to not having to file my own paperwork or get my own lunch.

elcondor Rural Southern Indiana
06/04/14 6:35 am

Does a co-pilot count?

Liberty 4,032,064
06/04/14 6:28 am

We have one for the department.

presrvd Phoenix
06/04/14 6:25 am

No. Ours is the secretary for the department. All five of us....

Kay41 the Midwest
06/04/14 6:21 am

I will have my secretary get back to you on this.

06/04/14 6:21 am

No but my boss has one and we are a few people allowed to ask her for assistance. It's great to have someone to ask for help arranging meetings etc. It's such an overlooked and undervalued function.

06/04/14 6:16 am

That's exactly what i tell my employees.

Rosebud Ohio
06/04/14 6:08 am

No, but I've been the secretary.

06/04/14 6:19 am

See the other question.

Rosebud Ohio
06/04/14 6:22 am

It hadn't been posted yet.

06/04/14 6:22 am

OK you're lightning fast :-)

Rosebud Ohio
06/04/14 6:24 am

I'm waiting for pictures of my niece born an hour ago, so I'm wearing out all my apps. Really hoping I get one before work, her description sounds like my youngest :)

06/04/14 7:02 am

Oh how great to hear. Congratulations.