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elusive June 4th, 2014 8:19am

Do you know anyone who repeats themselves constantly?

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Kris Humidity Central
06/04/14 12:58 pm

Yes. Yes. Yes.

Our instructors have to read the fill ins on our notes three times.

elusive Sactown
06/04/14 2:09 pm

-_- just in case you weren't listening the first two?

Kris Humidity Central
06/04/14 2:11 pm

Nah. It's just a teaching tool.

elusive Sactown
06/04/14 2:14 pm

O.o that teaching method would drive me batshit

bMyComrade Beantown
06/04/14 7:12 am

Two notable people. One is my best friend, love her but omg the continual repeat of stories gets old. The other is a coworker, and that is even mode painful - it takes her three times the length needed to say anything because she reiterates so much.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
06/04/14 7:00 am

Me and every other old person I know. I bet we can tell the same story a thousand times. To the same people.

06/04/14 5:46 am

Yes and it gets old.

2katz I live in Nebraska
06/04/14 5:33 am

My cats. Meow this. Meow that. Dang, can't you add at least one more word to your vocabulary??!

elusive Sactown
06/04/14 6:14 am

Hissss? Lol

elusive Sactown
06/04/14 1:20 am

It drives me coo coo for cocoa puffs.