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Can either presidential candidate turn around the economy by 2016?

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Think Lovin Life
09/13/12 5:41 pm

LadyNiner ... MrO has strayed so far from the promised change. Do you remember when he said he would go line by line thru the budget of each agency, and make the tough cuts? He may have gone thru them, but instead of cutting he found ways to pad many department budgets by up to 40%. MrO must go.

Think Lovin Life
09/13/12 5:38 pm

LadyNiner ... let's let bygones be bygones. Forget the fact that MrO promised to turn the country around in one year, and solve the economic problems within three years, or his would be ... "a one term proposition".

It's really not fair to hold him accountable for his record, is it.

Think Lovin Life
09/13/12 5:36 pm

LadyNiner ... you are SO right, we shouldn't examine MrO's record. That is simply not fair. We should give him another four years because he gives an interview to the "pimp with the limp", because he has a nice wife and nice daughters, our country should give him a real chance.

ladyniner81 I hate people
09/12/12 1:08 pm

if both parties would quit fingerppointing yes

AlexD Respectful Debate
09/11/12 8:15 pm

Interesting, the level of hope (and change) for Democrats vs Republicans...

09/11/12 11:57 am

Well said Veritas! I would like to see the party of "NO" come up with a bipartisan plan to fix our economy. Cutting taxes for the wealthy and cutting benefits for the poor and middle class, which amounts to a tax increase, does not sound partisan.

09/11/12 11:20 am

The President doesn't control the economy. You new Congress, the Federal Reserve and business owners to work together. It doesn't matter who is President if we can't work together for the common good.

ishady 86451132020
09/11/12 8:21 am

I'm sure they are trying to break down romneys plan if only they can find it.

09/10/12 8:59 pm

The congress broke Obamas plan down line by line passed it sent it to he senate but guess what it was paid for it was deficit neutral. So why hasn't this been brought to the Citizens attention? Yep its that nasty liberal press.ok now tell me what a liar I am."..come on....I can take it...

09/10/12 8:54 pm

Veritas; what the fvck? I viable plan acceptable to a bipartisan majority. If you don't understand political maneuvering then maybe you are the smartest guy in the room. You don't think he proposed a pig in a poke so he could point fingers and tell everyone how bad the evil teabaggers are?

veritas1 Panda
09/10/12 8:06 pm

…additional 1.1 million jobs. Republicans have stonewalled ALL jobs measures. They haven't even put a single one on Obama's desk. Not one.

If you think for a second republicans care about crating jobs, you are as hopelessly ignorant as you think I am.

veritas1 Panda
09/10/12 8:04 pm

@nvr. Obama doesn't have a plan for jobs?! Are you fvcking kidding me?! Unbelievable. It's literally called "The American Jobs Act." Independent, non-partisan studies sad it would create 1.3 million jobs. If Obama had expanded public sector employment at the sake rate as Bush, we would have an…

countrytboy Georgia
09/10/12 7:24 pm

take an econ lesson. it takes a lil more than 4 years for a president's actions to take place

09/10/12 2:09 pm

Romney is the only one who actualy has the chance!

SillyNiner New York
09/10/12 12:59 pm

if these idiots would work together with whoever is president, it could work

09/10/12 6:14 am

The federal government is out of control. It is entering & controlling aspects of our lives beyond what any centralized government should be doing. The only way to control the beast is to starve the beast. Reduce revenues going to Washington.

09/10/12 5:53 am

Government, both sides, proves they are serious about across the board smart cuts. Typically when our federal government raises taxes under the guise debt reduction they find other ways to spend it!

09/10/12 5:51 am

Veritas; the difference between you and I is I think we can grow our way out of this mess or at least be more able to afford it with the right kind of leadership. Obama mentions jobs but he has no real plan or understanding to pull it off. I don't know anyone willing to pay more taxes until our

DeathSheep Michigan
09/09/12 8:01 pm


Ummm if we are going to play the "going by your name" game I'll have to say, going by your name, not even autocorrect could figure out what you were trying to say. Now, half ass attempts to say something in rebuttal to me all you got?

veritas1 Panda
09/09/12 7:25 pm

@nuwriter. Look at deficits, debt:GDP ratios, deficit:GDP ratios, annualized federal spending increases (Obama is the lowest in modern history).

Look at the last 17 terms. 9 repubs. Only 3 decreased debt:GDP ratio. All three had democratic congresses. 7/8 dems decreased it.

09/09/12 7:10 pm

Veritas, when have Democrats reduced debt?

They may have reduced deficit, but truly made a real effort towards paying down the debt.

You could say Clinton, but he gained from having his big spending program rejected. Obama has gained by pushing back to 2014.

09/09/12 7:08 pm

ComradeAlex, not that I'm a Romney supporter, but the support of Goldman Sachs that Obama has received would tend to imply that he's a "rich-man's politician" too.

09/09/12 7:07 pm

it would be interesting to see who thought it could have turned around in 4 years. Of those of you who said yes.. you have no idea how economics works. and Romney would dig us into a MUCH bigger hole.

ComradeAlex California
09/09/12 5:49 pm

Wow, who would want Romney ? He is a rich man's politician. Well, as a whole capitalism sucks

veritas1 Panda
09/09/12 5:15 pm

Name one thing Romney would do. One thing. "We will not duck the tough issues. We will lead." Ya. Real freakin' brilliant Ryan. That's fix our problems.

Even today, Romney has now flip-flopped on Obamacare…AGAIN. He now says he won't repeal it.

veritas1 Panda
09/09/12 4:57 pm

@nvr. Nothing you said contradicts what I said. You just said I was wrong as said the debt is a problem. Democrats are MUCH better than Republicans at reducing debt than Republicans historically (as with most issues). You can't even defend Romney's plan.

09/09/12 4:46 pm

shit we're halfway there. no need changing horses mid-race.

4 more years baby.

09/09/12 4:27 pm

A) Neither would pay off or reduce the actual public debt. Obama's plan is better, but that's not saying much.
B) Interest rates are going to go up.
C) The dollar is going to keep losing value.
D) Europe is going to have another deep recession next year.
E) We're screwed!

09/09/12 4:14 pm

Death sheep@ going by your name maybe you are looking for that government entitlement and so you would like to think Romney could't pull it off! Tahts all you got?

DeathSheep Michigan
09/09/12 4:04 pm

To those that think Romney can... I laugh in your face over your bandwagon ideals

FyndFyre Moon Base Alpha
09/09/12 2:31 pm

Ummm, what kind of fantasy world are you living in?

09/09/12 1:46 pm

You really need to find a more accurate fact check your Massachusetts sats are off substantially.

09/09/12 1:45 pm

And yeah we tried politicians look what we got the last 30 years 16 trillion debt by both parties. So maybe its time to have a successful businessman pull us out of this mess, we know professional Community/Lawyers aren't capable! Right now I care more about 16 trillion in debt.

09/09/12 1:41 pm

Fakesound; no I'm talking about an 80% success rate on investing in failing companies and helping them stay in business. Government officials have no business picking winners and losers. Everyone was throwing money at alternative fuels, energy has anyone done well? We know Obamas haven't don't we?

09/09/12 11:53 am

Gary Johnson can. But neither of the main ones could

O13 Alabama
09/09/12 11:51 am

@fakesound: you do realize that businesses are created to make $? Nobody creates a business for the sole purpose of hiring ppl. And when it comes down to it, if it's between generating profits or keeping your job, the owner is going to choose profit any day of the week.

FakeSound Arizona
09/09/12 11:26 am

Keep in mind, we're hiring a politician, not a CEO.

And think about it, would you, if you were the average, run-of-the-mill worker, even want Romney as your CEO (let alone president)? Which would you care more about, your company's profits or your job?

FakeSound Arizona
09/09/12 11:25 am

Yes, a record of success like his investments in alternative energy projects that failed and costed the people of Mass millions and his state being second to last in economic growth and his abysmal approval rating there. Such SUCCESS!!!

FakeSound Arizona
09/09/12 11:21 am

Lol, we've gone from economic free fall to recovering jobs in 4 years. In another 4 years, though I don't think either candidate can stop the deficit in that small amount of time, it is quite possible that we will have a strong, pre-Bush economy once again.

09/09/12 10:13 am

Yes- Romney can. But either one will need congress' help. Two quick shovel-ready things- NO retirement for politicians & NO travel pay either! (right now politicians ALL get at least $90,000 a year for travel!)

09/09/12 9:52 am

I guarantee a rookie with no real world experience sure as hell can't and right now is out of ideas. Time to move on and let someone thats got a proven record of success give it a try. No need to feel guilty but thats what we got when we elected a great speech giver with no real substance!

rgum Texas
09/09/12 9:48 am

Obama already has.

09/09/12 9:39 am

If the question were the deficit I would vote no. If free trade and tax loopholes were fixed we might have a barrel instead of a teaspoon to bail out the Titanic. Any progress is better than no progress providing the two parties can stop concentrating their efforts on making the other look bad.