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droo June 4th, 2014 4:11am

Is it immoral for unhealthy fast-food chains to market to children via commercials, billboards, etc.?

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DavesNotHere where am I
06/06/14 3:32 pm

Yes, they are knowingly killing kids. It's mass murder. Genocide of young Americans. It's pretty bad.

beanD California
06/04/14 6:42 pm

No, because it's not unhealthy to eat a cheeseburger every now and then. I sure did, and I'm not even close to overweight.

steelcity Pittsburgh
06/04/14 2:37 pm

There are no unhealthy fast food chains. Only people who eat with unhealthy habits.

Nizabelle Cambridge, MA
06/04/14 11:11 am

OMG that is soooo cute! I know what your location status line says and I think that's fantastic! She's pretty awesome.

droo Santa Barbara
06/04/14 6:29 pm

She is; thank you. She taught me a few things in Arabic (Syrian dialect) and I'm pretty good if I do say so myself *sly look*

Nizabelle Cambridge, MA
06/04/14 6:45 pm

I speak Lebanese Arabic which is pretty much the same as Syrian, Jordanian, and Palestinian Arabic but I can BARELY understand Classical Arabic which is what they speak on the News usually, luckily I don't have to watch the News in Arabic!

Nizabelle Cambridge, MA
06/04/14 6:46 pm

Has she taught you all of the dirty and bad words? That's usually what people ask me to teach them, everybody loves to curse in foreign languages haha

Nizabelle Cambridge, MA
06/04/14 6:47 pm

And if you two ever decide to get married, I had better be invited to the wedding ;-)

droo Santa Barbara
06/04/14 6:57 pm

lol I taught her the bad words in Spanish and we were going to go over the bad words in Arabic but for some reason didn't get to it. One thing suck at in Arabic is the subtle throat sounds you have to make. And for sure! ;-)

Nizabelle Cambridge, MA
06/04/14 6:59 pm

Yeah some people are never able to get the pronunciations right because of it but I don't see why it's so hard! Of course, I have the unfair advantage of speaking it from babyhood so there's that haha

06/04/14 6:05 am

No, it's good marketing. However, I find it unethical and I wish more people were aware of the negative health impacts when eating this junk food.

Tariq88 Utah
06/04/14 12:46 am

The immoral part is putting all this junk in food in the first place.

Sweetmmlus south county
06/03/14 10:49 pm

I think it's wrong to advertise that they are healthy choices to kids and parents. Almost no one stops and looks at the nutrition facts vs what their child actually should be eating, or the additives like hormones.

Mud Constitutionalist
06/03/14 11:45 pm

Businesses will change when people quit the junk. I know stout 1 fast food business that had good healthy choices that did not sell.

06/03/14 10:01 pm

The word "immoral" gets thrown around a lot

droo Santa Barbara
06/03/14 10:26 pm

Immoral is subjective to what *you* believe. Answer accordingly.

Whichendisup uniquely unoriginal
06/03/14 9:58 pm

only if they misrepresent themselves or their product

Praetorianus In the uncanny valley
06/03/14 9:16 pm

No, I think it's only unhealthy in excess, most everything is. The products are safe to eat in moderation.

MrEdwin Mystery
06/03/14 9:15 pm

I say no, because the kids don't really have a choice what to eat most of the time.

Btw that's a purdy lady on your profile picture

droo Santa Barbara
06/03/14 9:16 pm

Purdiest of them all.