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rebelfury76 June 3rd, 2014 10:26pm

Is humanity getting dumber over time?

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sdbrev210 The Pursuit of Happiness
06/05/14 4:12 am

Heading straight for Costco and the Idiocracy.

comppete Las Vegas
06/04/14 9:48 pm

I believe there are larger number of Americans these days who think it is cool to be dumb or gullible. Although, they don't think they are. Those people are the ones that believed even one of the many lies the POTUS spit out of his mouth.

06/04/14 8:31 pm

Copy & paste is what students need nowadays or they'd be screwed but yet their grandparents graduated just fine without wiki.
Technology is so advanced & soon it'll do all the thinking for us

Injectable Trump Killed Babbitt
06/04/14 8:29 pm

I predict H.G. Wells results in our future.

06/04/14 8:27 pm

Yes at a shocking pace

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
06/04/14 11:48 am

Look at the ancient monuments of stone which we have neither the ability, nor the know-how to move. Someone in the past was obviously smarter and/or more technically advanced than we are today.

06/03/14 11:01 pm

Yes. It was harder to survive in the past. Only the fittest and smartest survived. Don't have to be fit or smart to survive and reproduce today.

06/03/14 8:34 pm

As technology increases, human wisdom will decline.

skinner Jersey City
06/03/14 7:27 pm

No, but the average person is less educated. If you look at speeches and high school tests a hundred years ago, most people who graduated a four year college would not pass.

twss trump is a garbage human
06/03/14 6:36 pm

Not humanity, just the US. #merica

146787456777 .......
06/03/14 6:13 pm

no I think humanity as a collective is definitely getting smarter. but keep in mind, that's 7 billion people. its hard to make a generalization of such a huge number. We're advancing technology quicker than ever, and have learned quite a bit about

146787456777 .......
06/03/14 6:14 pm

the world around us in a comparatively short time in regards to overall human history.

libertatheist Texas
06/03/14 4:45 pm

Larger groups eliminate the need for independent intelligent.

jmw7477 Indiana
06/03/14 4:29 pm

I'm afraid Idiocracy is becoming close to non-fiction.

06/05/14 3:00 am

I was thinking the same thing!

chrismisen atlanta
06/03/14 3:55 pm

no. i do think we tend to overthink things now more than in the past though

jvc1133 61535
06/03/14 3:50 pm

Dumb is a necessary minor in today's college

Axl752 NY
06/03/14 3:44 pm

Most people are pretty dumb but no, we are actually getting smarter