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Show Of Hands August 21st, 2012 12:00am

Is your life today pretty close to what you would have predicted 5 years ago, or very different?

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veryfancy Houston
08/26/12 7:42 pm

I can't believe where I have ended up. Didn't see the past 5 years coming.

24mo4 Battle Creek MI
08/25/12 11:01 am

5 years ago I was 3 months pregnant with my first child, a senior in high school and living in a small town in Florida. I never thought I would move to Michigan, be in college, be pregnant with my 4th child, and be happily married.

08/24/12 9:31 pm

5 years ago I was getting set to retire, and as a small business owner all of my life I had no retirement plan except for what I had saved. I had a portfolio of real estate, bare land and rentals, and a 401k with 1/4 million in GM stock.
Now my real estate is worthless and the unions own my GM stock

youknowobamasucks Florida
08/24/12 9:18 am

I thought Id become someone. But instead I got arrested in highschool. :/ I'm not a criminal!

optimist6 Fort Wayne, IN
08/23/12 6:32 pm

5 years ago, I couldn't make inferences.

lawstudent Western NC foothills
08/22/12 11:17 pm

Had my mid-life crisis at age 25. ;) Hubbie and I decided to stop keeping up with the Joneses and enjoy life!

lawstudent Western NC foothills
08/22/12 11:16 pm

Night and day. I was a corporate Assistant VP for Bank of America five years ago. Chasing a paycheck, conservative, living in a giant house, and no plans other than being rich. Today I'm a hippie, vegan, in grad school, about to start law school, liberal, and living in the country.

Jieming Santa Monica
08/22/12 10:45 pm

5 years ago I was active duty in the military. Being from a small town in North Carolina and struggling through high school I never would have thought I would be living in Los Angeles going to school full time at UCLA. It was unimaginable!

08/22/12 8:09 pm

Really, I planned to be exactly where I am. However, it's a struggle to force your own change..I think it's getting easier though, and hopefully many will see how important my contributions are and join me :)

08/22/12 8:07 pm

The only difference might be some republican president, but those idiots don't exist in m mind........I dont think well have one.

Nerdz Texas
08/22/12 6:31 pm

5 years ago I predicted that I'd be in 8th grade. I am currently in 8th grade, so yes?

08/22/12 6:02 pm

I guess I'd ended up about where I wanted by a couple of years ago--book editor and college instructor--but I didn't find it satisfying. It's taken a lot of work to change course, but I'm
very happy with my new direction, as I swore into the Air Force last week and soon will head to basic training.

08/22/12 5:07 pm

I've had a complete life turnaround from becoming athletic and such to revamping my social status. I had no clue what breaking a heart felt like in 4th grade, but I do that a lot now ;) . Life has changed surprisingly due to my own efforts. And if you didn't catch on. It's gotten much better!

08/22/12 5:04 pm

5 years ago I was a small nerdy kid somewhat new to the town of Montclair. Legitimately in 25 minutes I will be on a plane to London to live there for the rest of high school. I'm leaving quite popular and still very smart. Also I'm on the varsity basketball team, I would've never imagined that!...

08/22/12 8:33 am

Going to college to get a B.S. in molecular bio and working my ass of part time at an internship that pays well. I am very happy with where my life is headed.

barbearnj Dreaming of Banff
08/22/12 5:31 am

Disappointingly different. I messed up.

uturn55 Florida
08/22/12 3:46 am

Very different. 20 years in the Tattooing business but eyes went south on me then a crash took the use of one hand. Still have it but it doesn't work so well anymore. Funny how quick things can go completely awry.

08/22/12 12:28 am

Life has gone down the tubes. Everything costs so much more, I can't make ends meet. I am voting for every person who is not running for reelection. I blame our government or the shape I am in. Get rid of all of them and bring in new blood!

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
08/21/12 10:30 pm

I work at an athletic club. Am much smaller. My kids are doing awesome. New grandson.

bnolden Nevada
08/21/12 10:28 pm

Nope everything has changed. Lost my mom, got married, had a kid, lost our butts in the recession and now back to call centers after helping run a family business for 6 years. Unless I was dropped on the moon on top of it nothing could be more different then I thought it would have been 5 years ago

hazel Tennessee
08/21/12 8:26 pm

No longer a mgr in Fla with an upscale in a log cabin in Tenn. Totally unplanned and loving it!

brianparks69 charlotte
08/21/12 8:16 pm

Different, but that is great! I thrive on change and challenges...something I think too many people fear.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
08/21/12 6:55 pm

Thanks EarlyBird! How'd you ever guess a thick, rare, grilled steak is my favorite? :)

08/21/12 6:21 pm

Close, I mean I'm 15 so I'm in High School. I couldn't have predicted getting into a magnet program I didn't know existed, though.

08/21/12 6:12 pm

Retired and spoiling grandkids, just what I wanted to do !!!

08/21/12 5:30 pm

Completely different. And it comes down to 6 specific people that changed my life more than I ever could've imagined.

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
08/21/12 5:18 pm

Everything was going great...then Obama got elected. Lol. But seriously, it's telling that the well-to-do financially seem to be sticking to their plans. Maybe I should draw up a 5-year plan...

08/21/12 4:44 pm

pretty close.i thought i would be a boy still in school :P

sukiemac Michigan
08/21/12 3:46 pm

Thought I would grow old with my ex.

ncbuc Get Over It
08/21/12 3:38 pm

Jimmy & thinker...unreal. I know that is difficult to deal with. Especially with ones you trust(ed).
I thought I'd still be working at the company I started to work for. Had to leave. On my own accord...For almost half the salary. Well, hourly now. Place was getting too toxic. But it's been good.

monkeyy Ohio
08/21/12 3:36 pm

…in the same house, same family, same city. Some things have changed though. I'm definitely smarter. No more glasses (yay contacts!!). More mature. Plus I lost and gained friends. And since 4th grade more of my family moved near here. I never thought that would happen, but I couldn't be happier…

monkeyy Ohio
08/21/12 3:34 pm

Yes it's close. 5 years ago I was a little 9 year old starting 4th grade. I thought "oh, in 5 years I'll be starting high school. Wow I'll be super old!" or something like that. I had these little red glasses and a cute little haircut… anyway yes. I'm starting high school. I live…

MGLC New Mexico
08/21/12 2:52 pm

Thought dad had set job...

Gets fired, becomes president of the NM opthomology association, makes his own business.

jimmyjelly BFE, PA
08/21/12 2:27 pm

This is all heresay. Or I would be compelled to call the authorities. I've never even been to Texas.

jimmyjelly BFE, PA
08/21/12 2:26 pm

That also happened in my family. My cousins father molested him for thirteen years. That pos just got out of jail. Twenty years in Texas state prison. Now my cousin wants to let him live in his house. With his young son. Who im pretty sure he is doing the same to. They live in Texas.

EarlyBird Portland
08/21/12 2:00 pm

Zod- to date I have adopted no fish. Next time you're in Wilsonville area, let me know. My father, the king of grilling thick, rare steak, would love to have you and your wife stop by for fishing and dinner ))

thinker2 nc
08/21/12 1:46 pm

Who would have thought my husband would molest our daughter and therefore become my ex?! If I had thought it would happen, he never would have become my husband.

RogueMom In a Hand Basket
08/21/12 1:38 pm

I got married 5 years ago this Labor Day Weekend. Two kids, a dog, a house, and a Marketing Consultant gig..... That s about what we thought. Need a white picket fence still.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
08/21/12 12:39 pm

EarlyBird there are a few lakes and a river with Salmon and Steelhead runs not far from here, but nothing nearby as nice as you have in the Willamette Basin. That's paradise! I already promised not to eat your pets, unless you've adopted a Chinook recently and named him "Fishstix".

08/21/12 12:37 pm

5 years ago I was 11 and that was when I was paying attention the the election, and after that I kinda drove away from it, now I'm starting to move back to politics, so I'm closer to how I was then than I was a couple years ago.

08/21/12 12:28 pm

Got sober almost 5 years ago. Expecting to be dead at this point in life. Very grateful that is not the case.

geoag02 Dallas, TX
08/21/12 12:27 pm

Five years ago I was thinking about going back to college, and now I am about to graduate and make three times as much money as I did before.

EarlyBird Portland
08/21/12 12:08 pm

Zod - how close are you to fishing hole? My backyard is Wilamatte river and you're invited as long as I keep my pets hidden ... Lol -)))

AnnieM The Island
08/21/12 11:43 am

5 years ago I was sure getting pregnant would be easy and that by now I'd have finished my degree in English Education and be working on baby #2. Instead we spent agonizing year and countless $ getting pregnant and I had to quit school and work because I became disabled. So, no. Never imagined this.

08/21/12 11:41 am

Never thought I'd be a member of the Freemason society. Things change, but for immortality and the N.W.O. I guess it's worth it.