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AppleCougar08 June 3rd, 2014 3:33am

Do you usually go to bed earlier or later? If you want, comment the latest you have ever stayed up at night.

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AppleCougar08 TEXAS
06/05/14 10:37 am

I stay up all night

KudosToYou California
06/03/14 12:07 am

9 p.m.-ish, of the next day.

susanr Colorado
06/02/14 10:12 pm

All night. Not for a long time, though. I aim for 11 but never make it; most nights I'm up until 12:30-2:00, sometimes later seldom past 3:30 any more.

ainsleyy previously kitkat123
06/02/14 9:08 pm

I'm up all night baby!

Shazam Scaramouche, OH
06/03/14 12:50 am

You're a cat. Of course you are!