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FallenRegime June 3rd, 2014 2:51am

How many electronic devices do you usually go to bed with? (TV remote included)

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KAnne Atlantic City, NJ
06/04/14 2:01 am

Well my phone and iPod are plugged in on one side. My iPad is on the other side with three remotes. My computer is next to my bed and my tv is across the room. I also wear my Fitbit to bed.

FemmeAdamWest in the Tardis library
06/03/14 12:05 pm

Nothing I guess. I plug my phone in but it's not near me while I'm in bed.

KudosToYou California
06/03/14 12:13 am

Just my iPad; I'm usually on SoH right before going to sleep.

Trying to break the habit.

FallenRegime Unknown
06/02/14 8:01 pm

My 90's flip phone, my old iPod touch, the remote, and usually my wife's Kindle Fire HD.

SmileyMoM Lab Rat Vampire
06/02/14 8:00 pm

Phone, kindle and iPad. Then if I wake up I can read or play.

Pirate Uses the Tap
06/02/14 7:53 pm

Just my iPad.

06/02/14 7:53 pm

Just the phone by the side of the bed.