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cheeseontop June 2nd, 2014 11:11pm

Would you rather be forced to become a vegan, or lose a finger of your choice?

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dawl adulting
06/02/14 6:48 pm

I hate questions like this but if I have to choose, the finger goes. Grains, soy and legumes do not agree with me so veganism is not an option.

cheeseontop FactsOverFeelings
06/02/14 7:22 pm

Lol I hate it too

usernamehere Raise a little hell
06/02/14 6:21 pm

I'll give up the finger. Bye-bye to my right pinkie.

cheeseontop FactsOverFeelings
06/02/14 7:23 pm

Yeah my right pinky is messed up, I cant bend my upper joint.

TomLaney1 Jesus is Lord
06/02/14 5:58 pm

You can have my left pinkie. The ulnar nerve is almost completely entrapped. I don't eat vegetables except for potatoes, sweet potatoes, and corn.

06/02/14 5:00 pm

I'm vegan so I'll keep my finger.

06/02/14 7:41 pm

I prefer it and feal better this way.

cheeseontop FactsOverFeelings
06/02/14 7:43 pm

Creative cooking I guess

06/02/14 7:50 pm

Absolutely. :)