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UtopianKing June 2nd, 2014 4:20pm

Should the United States use more nuclear power?

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vin woof
06/04/14 1:09 pm

Strange how solar isn't more popular in the US like it is in other countries. That solar roads idea seems good to me. Nuclear? No thanks.

monstermom Washington
06/02/14 6:53 pm

I was against it before and am still against it. Would you want the waste in your back yard?

UtopianKing Palo Alto
06/02/14 9:31 pm

It's not perfect but neither are the alternatives. Gas spills, earthquakes from fracking, wildlife deaths due to wind farms. Not to mention the greenhouse gases, ect.

monstermom Washington
06/02/14 9:56 pm

Nuclear waste is very dangerous to everything you mentioned. One accident can kill...

duey in a fools paradise
06/02/14 10:26 am

Just imagine how much cleaner the earths atmosphere would be had we went Nuclear 40 years ago. You can thank all the folks who protested, took companies to court and sabotaged facilities under construction for your child's asthma.