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grondini June 2nd, 2014 3:52pm

Hard sided suitcase: Good idea or bad? I'm in the market for a new Samsonite has been destroyed by baggage handlers. What is your experience? The way I look at it, if a good brand (Samsonite) fails, it's time to try something new..

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kelsey498 Colorado
06/02/14 12:24 pm

I have soft and I prefer them because they have more give if I happen to pack more for a longer trip. I've never had a problem and I usually check my bag. At the same time, if you've had problems, you'd probably feel more comfortable with hard.

06/02/14 10:47 am

I only carry on for almost all travel I do. If I need to check luggage, I have a samsonite from the 90s which is pretty beat up but it still works for those rare cases.