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Is bullying worse (or more common) today than it was 20 years ago?

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FalloutBoy97 Ohio
06/08/14 10:56 pm

It might just be my own experience but I think it happens much less than it used to. My school district has been cracking down on bullying for years now to the point that it is nearly non-existent, the idea of someone being physically abused in

FalloutBoy97 Ohio
06/08/14 10:58 pm

The presence of others like they used to is a foreign concept to me. And cyber bullying is also exaggerated in my opinion, I rarely see or hear about it unless we're watching a presentation about how cyber bullying is all around us.

popoki1988 Oregon
06/07/14 9:22 pm

20 years ago, kids could get a break from the bullying just by going home after school. Today bullies do their damage at school and online. It's hell for bullied kids at any point in time, but because of social media there's rarely an escape.

06/06/14 6:58 am

With the internet, it's more damaging. But bullying is. To the problem. A failed educational system called public schools are the problem. They are old and out dated. Teach kids think and grow rich books and how to make real money. Stop wasting time

06/05/14 4:29 am

nope kids today are raised to be p***ies and to take every little comment to heart

drewsullivan Arlington
06/04/14 8:11 pm

I feel like cyber bullying is actually a lot less rampant as some people may make it sound as.
I think bullying depends on the size of the school- the smaller the school=more bullies typically- and the socioeconomics generally

MatthewKremer Janesville,Wisconsin
06/04/14 8:03 pm

Bullying is very bad these days, all of these shootings that happened recently, horrible. A bunch if people left my school for bullying.

ladyniner81 people suck
06/04/14 7:24 pm

I was bullied a lot in the 70's, but when I got home, it stopped. Now-a-days, you got kids going on Facebook/Twitter/cell phones sending pictures, whatnot spreading lies and that. Much, much worse.

06/04/14 2:20 pm

its gotten worse with the addition of cyberspace bullying many adult are ignorant to believe they had it harder.

ProfDG I Want Truth
06/04/14 9:42 am

There has always been bullies and there always will be. It's an ugly part of the human condition. People can be really mean.

myfriendemily Will probably upset you
06/03/14 8:44 pm

Yes. Today, while I was at home, over social media someone said to me "I hope you get raped and kill yourself." It's everywhere now.

AcesRedd California
06/04/14 1:55 am

People thought that before they just couldn't say it to your face because they were afraid you'd punch them. Don't think of it as more bullying. Think of it as more communication. :D

06/06/14 2:42 am

no he's not joking, when I was in school, talking shit to someone's face usually got you into a fight, talking behind their back netted the same result if it got back to them, these days people just wring their hands and cry about it that they are(c)

06/06/14 2:45 am

(c) not liked by everybody, guess what, life is never fair, or moral, the only person you need to make happy is you, and to hell with what everybody else thinks, exceptions are family, at least until you're 18 and move out of their house

katerina13 stuck in the middle
06/03/14 8:24 pm

I voted no. I think the population's much larger & more concentrated, we're more aware of it due to the media, & there r more ways to be a bully. But, there have always been ugly people in the world.

brettshel Bernie Would Have Won
06/03/14 7:07 pm

Everyone's been bullied at some point, but most people weren't targeted daily, for years. It has nothing to do with "being pussies." There are kids out there who are made to feel so worthless that they end up killing themselves. Insensitive jerks.

06/03/14 5:54 pm

I was surprised to see the poll results for this one. Did everyone take into consideration social media when answering this?

06/05/14 7:17 pm

Kenneth, I'm with you. Social media has vastly extended bullies' reach and allows them to do it 24/7. Actually, the bullying can continue even after the bully has given up.

06/03/14 5:10 pm

I've seen it get progressively worse in the past five

06/03/14 4:02 pm

Na they just being pusses now

06/03/14 5:08 pm

You ever been told to kill yourself by someone who meant it?

06/03/14 5:34 pm

I'm doubtful on that, because it made me realize that people are not just being "pusses"

06/03/14 5:41 pm

Oh ya?? How manny broken bones and blood lost have you got?

06/03/14 6:02 pm

Wait how old are you? I can't imagine ignorance like that out of high school

AcesRedd California
06/04/14 1:59 am

Teach your kids not to be little b******. Also, it's gonna sound strange but teach them that if some a-hole tells them to kill themselves well just don't do it.I mean kids spend so much time whining about dumb stuff and not listening to their parents

AcesRedd California
06/04/14 2:00 am

but some a-hole tells them to kill themselves and yes Sir. While we're teaching our kids not to listen to people who tell them to drink bleach we should probably also tell them not to post topless pics of themselves online or sext them to people.

AcesRedd California
06/04/14 2:01 am

But I guess if kids are doing that then they probably have some pretty shitty parents and maybe Hamburger Time IS the best solution for everyone involved.

06/04/14 8:13 am

Wouldn't it be easier just to teach people not to be awful to each other?

06/03/14 3:57 pm

Yes. Back in the day you were at least safe at home; not so anymore due to social media (i.e. Facebook, twitter, etc.)

06/03/14 3:58 pm

You can get viscous hate from people all over the world now compared to back in the day where it was only kids from school.

06/03/14 4:01 pm

you could quit being a pussy bitch or you could shut your fucking phone off or not use those sites ... dumbass

06/03/14 4:02 pm

btw kill your self no one likes you

06/03/14 4:04 pm

Thanks for proving my point ;)

06/03/14 5:11 pm

Ausrine, I like you

purplemonkey New York
06/03/14 3:50 pm

It's more common and prevalent today because kids have access to a lot more mediums to do the bullying e.g. Facebook etc.

jrrob CT
06/03/14 10:19 am

I say yes only because the little punks have social media as an added weapon.
Hint: if you actually expend the time to go on social media, to attack another person, anonymously or at least whole hiding from that person, you are a punk!

ryoungcrna Florida
06/03/14 9:53 am

I think there probably more bullies and more cry babies. Children aren't taught to defend themselves and aren't taught to respect others. They aren't held responsible for their actions! Just like "everyone gets a trophy"in little league. Entitlement

CAModerate California
06/03/14 8:53 am

Probably the same, but much more public. Didn't have camera phones by the flag pole at 3pm.

themahcrow Louisiana
06/03/14 7:58 am

No. It's just that people are more sensitive. Instead of punching the bully right in the mouth and settling the situation they run from it thus adding fuel to the bully's fire. Stand up for yourself.

06/03/14 8:18 am

Agreed! People only bully if they feel they have power and control over the victim. Once a victim stands up the power and control the bully had is gone

themahcrow Louisiana
06/03/14 10:47 am

A bully only bullies because he knows there will be no repercussions. No one likes being punched in the mouth.

justanotherteen Not Available
06/03/14 7:34 pm

Well if you hit them back then you could get into trouble also. Also tons of the kids being bullied are a lot weaker than their bullies and therefor the punch would not hurt as much. This is also not how girls solve things.

justanotherteen Not Available
06/03/14 7:35 pm

Personally I think it's better to ignore them than to show a response and attack them, especially physically, bullies want a response from you, give them none and they go away.

HappyLez No Worries... Be Happy
06/03/14 1:34 am

worse because of Technology
cyber bullying adds a new dimension. .

06/02/14 11:28 pm

The actual acts of bullying may not be worse, but due to social media the person being bullied can not get away from it. When I was in middle school, I was bullied. But I had a safe haven when I for home and could be away from it.

06/02/14 11:30 pm

I also had a number of friends the next town over that did not realize this was going on, so when I was with them I had fun and did not have to deal with it. It seems now that these kids can not get away from it and therefore never find a balance.

06/02/14 11:32 pm

Even if a person blocks someone from a social media page, especially Facebook, it is very easy for all the circles of friends to know each other and be aware of the the victim of bullying has less of a chance to find a situation in which....

06/02/14 11:35 pm

They are away from the issues, or feel a sense of security anywhere. On these social sites even there is no way to really hide issue, and often there are pictures that spread around.
I think that is why so many that are bullied feel alone or lonely.

06/02/14 11:36 pm

Because they can not get way from the issue, so they hide and turn away from people.

Sorry for the really long post.

funlover heart of it all
06/02/14 10:11 pm

Just read the comments on any controversial poll and you will see bullying and incivility is alive and well.

kc17 Minnesota
06/02/14 10:07 pm

It's a different kind of bullying. It's no longer as physical, as it has turned more mental and emotional, but it is very much present and hurts just as much (if not more). I was a victim of it and it definitely left emotional scarring years later.

06/02/14 9:54 pm

cyberbullying is huge and bullying at school it still happens. I'm in high school now so.

06/02/14 9:37 pm

Thanks to technology and media we are just more aware. It has changed form and become more mental abuse and less physical. I do think we are a little off our rocker about bully behavior.

06/02/14 9:33 pm

If a child was bullied 20 years ago, once he got home, the bullying stopped. Now it continues online through, Facebook, Twitter, etc. some time bullying acts are recorded and posted making the kid being bullied relive it. Bullies suck!

Irrelevant United States
06/02/14 9:29 pm

Definitely not. People just talk about it more; so there's a perception of increase while realistically there has likely been a decrease.

06/02/14 9:22 pm

Can't imagine it's more common or worse now, heck growing up my dad says he remembers kids being held down and slapped in the stomach till it was bright pink for being freshman at his high school, imagine what the media would do today with that!!

LucasStengl Lebanon, OH
06/02/14 9:01 pm

The fact is that rather than being more common, it is just that now with cyber bullying, the bully can continue his/her act even from the comfort of their home.

06/02/14 8:49 pm

Might not be as common now, but I think that it is a lot worse type of bullying! The internet and smartphones allows information to travel faster and more wide spread then before.

jilinca California
06/02/14 8:31 pm

Yes due to e-bullying.

06/02/14 8:22 pm

People make such a big deal about it these days even though there isn't even that much around.

funlover heart of it all
06/02/14 10:15 pm

You must live in a vacuum! I see in everyday in our schools from primary grades up through college. Even the workplace is rife with bullies. Our argument culture teaches incivility rather than tolerance and cooperation.

mstep68 Columbia, SC
06/02/14 8:11 pm

Cyber bullying adds a twist to things. I think kids are more ruthless and mean today. I was bullied but it wasn't like the stories I hear about now.

06/02/14 7:59 pm

People just make a bigger deal about it now, so no

06/02/14 7:32 pm

Besides cyber bullying, I don't think it has gotten more common, it is just seen more because of more internet, television, and social media usage

06/02/14 7:08 pm

No because of the rise of cyber bullying on sites such as, which didn't exist 20 years ago.

Ivyra Earth
06/02/14 6:59 pm

In some ways it is, in some ways it isn't. Certainly it has changed, but not for better or worse. Things like bullying are usually inevitable, but that doesn't mean they are right.

singkitty In the cloud
06/02/14 6:52 pm

I think social media makes it worse. At least most of the bullying I got stayed at school. I can't imagine these kids hopping on Facebook to receive more abuse. Bullying has always been around, it has just evolved with the times.

06/02/14 6:47 pm

More talked about at least

deathvalley Chicago native
06/02/14 6:15 pm

Just a lot more cry babies!

06/02/14 5:09 pm

Physical bullying has developed into verbal and cyber bullying over the years, and although many people argue that is worse, it is up to the victim to take offense to it.

Diogenes Not Biden It
06/02/14 4:55 pm

No. There're just more pussies!

Rotavele Alabama
06/02/14 5:27 pm

I hope your mom is bullied by Obama care for saying that.

daricksta georgia
06/02/14 4:48 pm

you could say cyber bullying, but i personally dont believe that its a legitimate form of bullying. if youre being bullied on the internet then get the fuck off of it

06/02/14 6:33 pm

Or block the person/keep them off your accounts. its very simple to not allow a person to bully on the internet.

singkitty In the cloud
06/02/14 6:54 pm

Tell that to a 14 or 15 year old. Even if they block it that doesn't stop it. Kids can't handle it like a mature adult and simply ignore it.

06/02/14 7:14 pm

Then we need to raise our kids to have a back bone. Words don't hurt unless you allow them too. Kids need to stop being afraid to mouth off to a bully. If a bully is saying things that you don't like say something nasty right back.

06/02/14 7:15 pm

Kids only bully if the feel like they have control over a victim.

RumpleForeskin Western NY
06/02/14 4:39 pm

I say yes only because the internet allows more (forms) of bullying to take place. Plus the fact that kids today suffer more from depression so bullying potentially causes greater harm today, and the lack of a strong social system makes it worse too

06/02/14 4:29 pm

I was bullied quite a bit as a kid the 70s. It was tolerated then, like sexual harassment and date-rape. Everything's more visible now.