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Show Of Hands June 2nd, 2014 2:44pm

Are you planning to buy a new smartphone in 2014?

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06/07/14 8:45 pm

Already have a new phone 5c

Epiphemeral Duluth
06/05/14 1:54 pm

I'm perfectly fine with what I have right now. I would only change if, say, some widespread breakthrough hardware/software is to be released by a respectable company.

bnnt Los Angeles
06/05/14 5:19 am

I have an iPhone 4gs, I was going to upgrade it earlier this year but opted to wait until the 6 comes out.

theNobamist Silicon Valley
06/04/14 7:58 pm

iPhone 6 with larger screen.

LizYatesDevitt Las Vegas, NV
06/03/14 4:51 pm

I'm loving my iPhone. 5S! Still using my 4 & 4S for extra storage, hah.

dahawwl Texas
06/03/14 8:16 am

No need. I got an iPhone 5 last year.

06/03/14 5:26 am

Yes. Time for the usual 2 year upgrade. Maybe the iPhone 6 will be a bit larger in screen size. If not, I'll still get it; I am too engrained in their ecosystem at this point.

06/03/14 4:38 am

Already did iPhone 5s

desolatia Oregon
06/02/14 11:14 pm

I'm past due for an upgrade, and my 4s is going downhill fast. Not sure what I want to do.

06/02/14 8:23 pm

January 2015 when my plan expires

CounterCulture Deploraville
06/02/14 7:43 pm

people don't understand that droids are so much better than iPhones

06/03/14 8:10 pm

The Droid vs. iPhone thing is almost as polarizing as Democrat vs. Republican! :)

Ivyra Earth
06/02/14 7:00 pm

I just got one for my last birthday, so probably not. Maybe I'll get an iPhone when I have more money.

06/02/14 3:48 pm

Not unless I break this one!! I've broken 3 iPhones so there is a chance! LOL

lyyved Virginia
06/02/14 3:01 pm

Yes, once the next iPhone comes out I plan to get a great deal on a current iPhone when it goes on sale!

06/02/14 2:54 pm

Just got one in October, won't be eligible for upgrade until 2015 by then the iPhone 6 will be history and the new 6S will be out :)

Daniel17LU Virginia
06/02/14 2:31 pm

iPhone 6 for the win! That'll be my first iPhone ever! :)

swervin Maryland
06/02/14 1:44 pm

Already had to. The Japanese networks don't like American phones.

Br@ndon Your Soul
06/02/14 1:25 pm

I'm going to be due for a upgrade by the end of the year. :D iPhone 6 for me.

kjs Minnesota
06/02/14 1:24 pm

My iPhone 4s just died. Time for a new phone.

Emily33 North Carolina
06/02/14 1:19 pm

Yep. Thinking about retiring my iPhone 4 soon...

CallMeSmith The Tardis
06/02/14 6:10 pm

Good idea. iOS 8 will kill the battery on the iPhone 4 if it's even supported

centexken Republic of Texas
06/02/14 1:18 pm

The larger iPhone 6 or a Galaxy Note 4.

06/02/14 12:49 pm

Of course! Every iPhone release I buy, it's idiocy to wait for 2 years because of a contract and have an outdated device

moonshot More often I know nothing
06/02/14 12:43 pm

I got a new phone back in February, a Lumia Icon running Windows Phone 8. I unlocked it and signed up for the developers version available from Microsoft. This is a really good phone!

hansorg Columbus, Indiana, USA
06/02/14 12:26 pm

iPhone 6, assuming it's out this autumn.

ttdl13 fl
06/02/14 11:56 am

it's on its way now! my first phone too :)

droo Santa Barbara
06/02/14 11:50 am

Yep. I get to upgrade again when I merge onto my parents family plan from my independent one.

HTC One M8 or Galaxy Note III.

Haven't decided yet.

Daniel17LU Virginia
06/02/14 2:35 pm

The M8 is the better phone. Probably one of the best on the market. Plus I hate Samsung lol.

crewsmissle Florida
06/02/14 10:36 am

Depends on if there's a new and worthwhile iPhone. Didn't see much of a difference between 5 and 5s

bMyComrade Beantown
06/02/14 10:32 am

No, but with my track record, I'll need a new one by the end of autumn.

dajafa Everywhere
06/02/14 10:24 am

Got my new one on Saturday!

missmorganmarie ...
06/02/14 10:14 am

and my mom just got her first smartphone iPhone 5c. This shall be interesting

jenkp223 Being a mommy
06/02/14 10:13 am

Either iPhone 6 (if it's out) or iPhone 5S. Having way too many issues with my old iPhone 4S. More so since iOS 7 came out.

missmorganmarie ...
06/02/14 10:08 am

Samsung galaxy s4 :)

Zod Above Pugetropolis
06/02/14 9:39 am

My contract runs into 2015, so no, unless they offer a much better upgrade than just from a 5 to a 5s.

Jeninerd Hoth, AK
06/02/14 9:38 am

My contract is up in September and I'm getting away from the iPhone.

RJ1969 SoCal
06/02/14 9:25 am

Yes. Waiting for the 6 to come out.

Isomax TIC TOC
06/02/14 9:24 am

Nah , I think i'll by a submarine first before I by a smartphone.

Injectable Trump Killed Babbitt
06/02/14 9:25 am

I never considered that. Submarine sounds way cooler.

06/05/14 5:49 am

nuclear powered phones a harder find too...

cornybread The Large Malus Fruit
06/02/14 9:23 am

Yes... after one tragic fall at a parking meter, my screen shattered. The case was starting to crack at the corners, so it wasn't as protective anymore. The phone still works, so I'm holding out to see if they come out with a new one.