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06/08/14 7:51 pm

Just paid mine off last year at 28 yrs old. Have about $30,000 more to go on my husbands'.

06/05/14 9:24 pm

Yes and it angers me to even think about it

drannabanana Georgia
06/05/14 11:46 am

I will have $245,000 in debt by the time I finish school, husband has the same + the $360,000 management loan we will be entering into contract with = $850,000 which will be payed off in less than 5 years once out of school Good Deal if you ask me

bnnt Los Angeles
06/05/14 5:20 am

I had 72k in debt coming out of school, and paid it off in about 11 years. Such a relief sending that last check...

restinghour Pennsylvania
06/04/14 10:54 pm

I will have $40K from undergrad and, depending on the type of grad program I pursue, there may be $100K more! Poor decision making(read: parent pleasing)on my part. Had I pursued my current major two years earlier, I'd be in a better financial state.

06/04/14 3:31 am

Not yet but very soon

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
06/03/14 7:32 pm

Yes, just finished my freshman year with $5,400 in student loans.

mamalisa California
06/03/14 5:28 pm

Nope. I went to jc for two years and lived at home and then transferred to a state university. My parents paid cash for my tuition and living expenses.

CutCopy Wedding
06/03/14 6:31 am

Thanks to my hard working parents I pay straight out of the pocket, therefore I'm debt free!

kc17 Minnesota
06/02/14 10:07 pm

Not yet, but I will in a few months.

catpillow Florida West Coast
06/02/14 10:01 pm

Nope, I paid mine off years ago.

I sympathize with those of you who have them now. The loans are much, much larger amounts and the interest is too high.

drunk ill be Bach
06/02/14 9:53 pm

Nope. My education was paid for by the government via Pell Grant and other grants. If you're poor enough to need student loans, you're probably poor enough to qualify for the Pell Grant. So... Yea.

steelcity Pittsburgh
06/03/14 3:09 am

Woo pell grant. I got that. Still had 25k in student loans.

06/03/14 3:59 pm

Just about anyone can get loans. I don't qualify for any grants because my parents make a lot, but they don't factor in debt.

kailac VFL
06/02/14 8:44 pm

$20k. Just graduated almost a month ago... 5 months until repayment begins...

Macmurphy35 Alabama
06/02/14 8:41 pm

I envy the majority. $24k for bachelors, $25k for masters = $49k in debt to start out. Have it paid down to $38k now. Still working on it.

blakestr San Diego
06/02/14 8:28 pm

I got my bachelors for free, thanks DOD!

emmbeedee Arkansas
06/02/14 7:31 pm

Yes but it's not mine. I'm paying off my kids' loans.

Ivyra Earth
06/02/14 7:03 pm

No,and I hope I don't acquire any when I go to college.I don't like being in debt, especially to the government.Besides, I'll be poor anyway,I don't need debt too.I'm not letting my parents pay,so if I don't get a scholarship,don't know what I'll do.

06/02/14 6:21 pm

Never had debt. I worked more than 40+ hours a week at multiple jobs while going to college so I could fully support myself.

06/03/14 4:02 pm

Not a realistic option for most of us that need at least a 3.5 to apply for internships. Especially for those that are trying to get into medical school. :/

RossDMands Miami Township, OH
06/02/14 5:57 pm

$20k left. I don't mind it either. It helped my credit score big time!

phantom Colorado
06/02/14 5:51 pm

Yep. Wouldn't be so bad if there wasn't so much interest tacked on.

BusinessJustin Tamriel
06/02/14 5:35 pm

A little now, but it's well-worth the investment.

Casper Deep inthe Heart ofTexas
06/02/14 5:10 pm

34+ years ago. Debt wasn't & option but night school was.

FallenRegime Unknown
06/02/14 3:46 pm

Only $30K worth and I'm working part time retail because we've sold our economy to china.

jalapeno verdadero
06/02/14 3:35 pm

Any? Hahaha, I have ALL of the student loan debt. Every last bit.

MrsSimmons2u Ohio
06/02/14 2:50 pm

Yep, just paid $341 towards one. It's like a second car note. :(

steelcity Pittsburgh
06/03/14 3:11 am

My wife just graduated. I'm estimating her payments around $750. It's like a second mortgage note.

curtass diagon alley
06/02/14 2:26 pm

All together 6,000. And I just passed my NCLEX (nursing boards). So I'm not doing too bad !

06/02/14 2:17 pm

Got to start paying it back next month! ):

Emily33 North Carolina
06/02/14 1:20 pm

No, I was very fortunate to not have any student loans.

scottstots Georgia
06/02/14 1:19 pm

$20K and rising. It's in deferment, but I still pay my reg payment and any interest set to compound

blitz6799 Chicagoland
06/02/14 12:56 pm

I have the unfortunate luck I being the only one in my family whose parents couldn't pay them for me. Gonna pay a portion down early though, so there's that!

kelsey498 Colorado
06/02/14 12:33 pm

Ugh, yes. And adding to it still :-(

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
06/02/14 12:09 pm

Not anymore, paid it all off.

dorkknight27 living in my head
06/02/14 12:03 pm

I have enough student loan debt that I could have just bought a house instead of going to college. I'm not using my degree anyway

JenFish The deep blue sea
06/02/14 11:58 am

My parents have been paying for my classes, but decided to stop for my last year. Doing what I can to avoid getting loans!

SmileyMoM Lab Rat Vampire
06/02/14 11:29 am

Helping my kids with their college loans.

osouless Whats Next
06/02/14 11:23 am

Yes! Just got it! Excited for college.

Wa2xpnsv4u Tennessee
06/02/14 10:50 am

Yes, but we are very fortunate that my parents are paying for it

gallae Michigan
06/02/14 10:48 am

I am racking it up. Unfortunately.

bMyComrade Beantown
06/02/14 10:33 am

Not much left :) not that I had all that much to start with.

jenkp223 Being a mommy
06/02/14 10:12 am

Another year or so, and in done! Thank goodness!