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06/08/14 7:51 pm

Just paid mine off last year at 28 yrs old. Have about $30,000 more to go on my husbands'.

06/05/14 9:24 pm

Yes and it angers me to even think about it

drannabanana Georgia
06/05/14 11:46 am

I will have $245,000 in debt by the time I finish school, husband has the same + the $360,000 management loan we will be entering into contract with = $850,000 which will be payed off in less than 5 years once out of school Good Deal if you ask me

bnnt Los Angeles
06/05/14 5:20 am

I had 72k in debt coming out of school, and paid it off in about 11 years. Such a relief sending that last check...

restinghour Pennsylvania
06/04/14 10:54 pm

I will have $40K from undergrad and, depending on the type of grad program I pursue, there may be $100K more! Poor decision making(read: parent pleasing)on my part. Had I pursued my current major two years earlier, I'd be in a better financial state.

06/04/14 3:31 am

Not yet but very soon

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
06/03/14 7:32 pm

Yes, just finished my freshman year with $5,400 in student loans.

mamalisa California
06/03/14 5:28 pm

Nope. I went to jc for two years and lived at home and then transferred to a state university. My parents paid cash for my tuition and living expenses.

CutCopy Wedding
06/03/14 6:31 am

Thanks to my hard working parents I pay straight out of the pocket, therefore I'm debt free!

kc17 Minnesota
06/02/14 10:07 pm

Not yet, but I will in a few months.

catpillow Florida West Coast
06/02/14 10:01 pm

Nope, I paid mine off years ago.

I sympathize with those of you who have them now. The loans are much, much larger amounts and the interest is too high.

Riiiight see you soon
06/02/14 9:53 pm

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steelcity Pittsburgh
06/03/14 3:09 am

Woo pell grant. I got that. Still had 25k in student loans.

06/03/14 3:59 pm

Just about anyone can get loans. I don't qualify for any grants because my parents make a lot, but they don't factor in debt.

kailac VFL
06/02/14 8:44 pm

$20k. Just graduated almost a month ago... 5 months until repayment begins...

Macmurphy35 Alabama
06/02/14 8:41 pm

I envy the majority. $24k for bachelors, $25k for masters = $49k in debt to start out. Have it paid down to $38k now. Still working on it.

blakestr San Diego
06/02/14 8:28 pm

I got my bachelors for free, thanks DOD!

emmbeedee Arkansas
06/02/14 7:31 pm

Yes but it's not mine. I'm paying off my kids' loans.

Ivyra Earth
06/02/14 7:03 pm

No,and I hope I don't acquire any when I go to college.I don't like being in debt, especially to the government.Besides, I'll be poor anyway,I don't need debt too.I'm not letting my parents pay,so if I don't get a scholarship,don't know what I'll do.

06/02/14 6:21 pm

Never had debt. I worked more than 40+ hours a week at multiple jobs while going to college so I could fully support myself.

06/03/14 4:02 pm

Not a realistic option for most of us that need at least a 3.5 to apply for internships. Especially for those that are trying to get into medical school. :/

RossDMands Miami Township, OH
06/02/14 5:57 pm

$20k left. I don't mind it either. It helped my credit score big time!

phantom Colorado
06/02/14 5:51 pm

Yep. Wouldn't be so bad if there wasn't so much interest tacked on.

BusinessJustin Tamriel
06/02/14 5:35 pm

A little now, but it's well-worth the investment.

Casper Deep inthe Heart ofTexas
06/02/14 5:10 pm

34+ years ago. Debt wasn't & option but night school was.

FallenRegime Unknown
06/02/14 3:46 pm

Only $30K worth and I'm working part time retail because we've sold our economy to china.

jalapeno verdadero
06/02/14 3:35 pm

Any? Hahaha, I have ALL of the student loan debt. Every last bit.

MrsSimmons2u Ohio
06/02/14 2:50 pm

Yep, just paid $341 towards one. It's like a second car note. :(

steelcity Pittsburgh
06/03/14 3:11 am

My wife just graduated. I'm estimating her payments around $750. It's like a second mortgage note.

curtass diagon alley
06/02/14 2:26 pm

All together 6,000. And I just passed my NCLEX (nursing boards). So I'm not doing too bad !

06/02/14 2:17 pm

Got to start paying it back next month! ):

Emily33 North Carolina
06/02/14 1:20 pm

No, I was very fortunate to not have any student loans.

scottstots Georgia
06/02/14 1:19 pm

$20K and rising. It's in deferment, but I still pay my reg payment and any interest set to compound

blitz6799 Chicagoland
06/02/14 12:56 pm

I have the unfortunate luck I being the only one in my family whose parents couldn't pay them for me. Gonna pay a portion down early though, so there's that!

kelsey498 Colorado
06/02/14 12:33 pm

Ugh, yes. And adding to it still :-(

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
06/02/14 12:09 pm

Not anymore, paid it all off.

dorkknight27 living in my head
06/02/14 12:03 pm

I have enough student loan debt that I could have just bought a house instead of going to college. I'm not using my degree anyway

JenFish The deep blue sea
06/02/14 11:58 am

My parents have been paying for my classes, but decided to stop for my last year. Doing what I can to avoid getting loans!

SmileyMoM Lab Rat Vampire
06/02/14 11:29 am

Helping my kids with their college loans.

osouless Whats Next
06/02/14 11:23 am

Yes! Just got it! Excited for college.

Wa2xpnsv4u Tennessee
06/02/14 10:50 am

Yes, but we are very fortunate that my parents are paying for it

gallae Michigan
06/02/14 10:48 am

I am racking it up. Unfortunately.

bMyComrade Beantown
06/02/14 10:33 am

Not much left :) not that I had all that much to start with.

jenkp223 Being a mommy
06/02/14 10:12 am

Another year or so, and in done! Thank goodness!