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Rotavele June 2nd, 2014 1:19pm

Would your view of the Republican Party change if a major candidate supported homosexual marriage?

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tdaddy Kentucky
07/07/14 2:26 pm

No. One candidate's views are a start, but it'd be like one Republican supporting legalizing marijuana; it'll still be years before my neighborhood Kroger is selling hash brownies.

HappyLez No Worries... Be Happy
06/03/14 1:47 am

Too Little... Too Late
Wouldn't trust their sincerity
They're too pro Business
Pro 1%
Too much co mingling of Church & State!

DavesNotHere where am I
06/02/14 5:36 pm

No, because they're still Christian supremacists who want Christianity to rule the country.

arctostaphylos Ankh Morpork, New York
06/02/14 9:41 am

My view would change a bit, but I'd still be wholly opposed to their hyper-pro-corporate-anti-consumer, hyper-anti-science, and pro-theocracy tendencies.