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06/02/14 6:42 am

I wouldn't say he's an amateur. He's done quite a bit to move this country toward socialism and he appears to be more effective than many at accomplishing that goal. I don't like it but I don't think he's stupid.

BillieJoeCobain Earth turns from sanity
06/02/14 11:21 am

He seems stupid. "I heard it from the media just like you" for an example

MachoMatt84 Privileged to serve.
06/02/14 11:47 am

That's a ploy to make people think that it wasn't him. I'd lean more towards "out to get us" than him being an "amateur" for that reason.

BillieJoeCobain Earth turns from sanity
06/02/14 5:52 pm

I think he is either a manipulative person or just plain amateur

06/02/14 6:36 pm

I think he's manipulative and very good at it.

dxstap Bloomington, Indiana
06/02/14 5:41 am

It's the age old debate between the power of the state vs individual liberties. Big vs smaller government. Macro vs microeconomics. Dad's right or mom is. Tell or don't tell. ...

skinner Jersey City
06/02/14 4:42 am

Listen I don't like President Obama any more than anyone else but what's the point of this poll?

BillieJoeCobain Earth turns from sanity
06/02/14 6:30 am

Read my comment on the Bush one