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drewseph17 June 2nd, 2014 6:30am

Do you believe that, one day, there will only be one race due to all the interracial mixing? That is no more black, white, etc., just human?

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Shua01 Ohio
06/15/14 2:43 pm

Na. There would more likely be what there already is, Just different races on each side of the hyphen. I'm Catholic Christian, so I kind of see myself as all kinds of races. We're all people.

EnderWiggin So disillusioned...
06/10/14 11:18 pm

Yes, barring some purist militia in the hills.

What's cool is they can be leashes and shown at dog shows as purebreds. And be as insane as Dalmatians are.

Pirate Uses the Tap
06/03/14 11:57 am

This question makes me think of places like Brazil or Cuba where there is a lot of racial mixing. I like it. I do think one day the races will be completely mixed.