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Show Of Hands June 2nd, 2014 5:43am

Which would be more difficult for you: never being able to move/travel using your legs again, or never being able to travel in a rolling or flying vehicle (including a wheelchair) again?

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hoosierwisdom inner voice
06/04/14 9:14 am

Ride a horse, save a cowboy

jackw97 Dallas
06/03/14 5:14 pm

So all of you are telling me you would rather walk EVERYWHERE over not having legs? Give me a break

Jen1q2s Massachusetts
06/03/14 2:39 pm

If I can't use cars and planes I can ride a gallant steed!

ladyniner81 I hate people
06/03/14 12:34 pm

Dumb question. If you can't ride a wheelchair, does that mean I have prosthetic legs or I can walk?

trav Instagram, travisdover
06/02/14 10:41 pm

Love walking, but Austin isn't walkable enough. I could move to New York or San Francisco probably. It would be a long walk to get there.

06/02/14 8:32 pm

I would want to keep my legs because I would hate to have to use a scooter my whole life to get around small places.
(P.S) I like to run sometimes.

sgkitty new york
06/02/14 7:42 pm

As much as not having use of my legs would kill me, not being able to go anywhere further than I can walk would just be too restrictive. Maybe if I could move somewhere with lots of accessible things within walking distance first, I would be OK.

Ivyra Earth
06/02/14 7:05 pm

Traveling (by airplane) is quite a regular part of my life, so I don't know what I would do without that.

RumpleForeskin Western NY
06/02/14 4:47 pm

Keep the legs and just trade the car in for a horse. Easy peasy, and just put a subwoofer in the back and you're set

Tryptamine Life is a trip
06/02/14 4:30 pm

All one needs is a mobility scooter like in southpark

06/02/14 3:50 pm

No traveling with wheels would be difficult but I think not being able to walk would be more emotionally difficult!

06/02/14 2:47 pm

I don't have a car and I do not have the money to fly anywhere so I already walk or ride the bus everywhere I go unless I get a ride with someone.

06/02/14 2:36 pm

So walking everywhere for the rest of my life(can't drive or fly) or not being able to walk(but can use cars and airplanes)?!
Do people just not understand the question?

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
06/02/14 12:10 pm

Cannot walk or use the wheelchair you're pretty much stuck in bed.

jchristianreed South Carolina
06/02/14 11:29 am

I would totally shave my head and pretend that I could control people's minds!

Darthscion Utah
06/02/14 10:24 am

I want to be a pilot so either way I'm screwed

SonofMetal Heavy Metal
06/02/14 9:39 am

If the world wasn't so restricting and afraid of everything this day in age id love to take a walking pilgrimage around the world over the years.

06/02/14 9:13 am

Wow. 40% of people would rather be paralyzed than to get rid of their car. I find this hard to believe.

Kris Humidity Central
06/02/14 8:51 am

I'm already having trouble with my legs, and I rather like to use them.

There's always mag-lev trains. Thanks Japan!

kristakrab Georgia
06/02/14 8:29 am

You leg-keepers have a good time going stir-crazy the rest of your life... Or hurry and invest in your horse and buggy.

Injectable Trump Killed Babbitt
06/02/14 8:59 am

Have fun not being able to do anything when you get wherever your going.

kristakrab Georgia
06/02/14 9:03 am

I'll enjoy the sites of the world from my wheelchair :)

chinesa72 Missouri
06/02/14 8:28 am

I'm a dancer, losing my legs would kill me

06/02/14 7:52 am

Not having wheels. If I don't have legs I need something

NotHomeYet formerly fgw0369
06/02/14 7:01 am

If I can't use my legs, I would need a wheel chair.

gonzoboy Northern AZ
06/02/14 7:15 am

With the exception that ALL rolling (wheelchairs included, per poll) and flying means of conveyance are eliminated from this equation. Keep your legs, fgw! :D

Burntwaffle VA Politics and Pie
06/02/14 6:07 am

If we lost our legs would I still be able to ride in a boat?

gonzoboy Northern AZ
06/02/14 7:06 am

Altogether lost? Regardless, I believe the answer is "Yes". However, we'd have to forfeit conventional chairs for something that looks more like large cups, that we'd kind o' have to pour ourselves into/out of... :-/

sarahbc13 The Beach
06/02/14 5:59 am

I love to travel! I would not want to stay at the same space for the rest of my life.

06/02/14 5:37 am

I'd keep my legs and get one of these- it doesn't have wheels, and is be safe from Skeletor.

06/02/14 5:39 am


06/02/14 5:32 am

I mostly walk anyways. So f the vehicles

daricksta georgia
06/02/14 4:42 am

if you chose vehicle you need to get off this planet

Graceling copenhagen dk ,ohio
06/02/14 6:47 am

Losing vehicles would be more "difficult". Losing my legs would make life less enjoyable.

146787456777 .......
06/02/14 12:47 pm

so you would enjoy being stuck in the same town the rest of your life? never being able to move your things but one box at a time? what if you had a heart attack and needed to get to the hospital? I think the question implies more than just

146787456777 .......
06/02/14 12:48 pm

"are you lazy?"

pandaxoxo Colorado
06/02/14 2:31 pm

Why? I'd rather be stuck in a wheel chair than have to walk 5 hours a day to get to work, just to stand again. And screw being stuck in this town forever.

06/03/14 8:57 pm

I guess we would have the means to.. If you chose legs, then getting off the planet would be impossible

06/02/14 4:23 am

So you could only travel from home as far as you could walk! Stores available? People in cars and wheel chairs can work and travel! Think!

debob texas
06/02/14 3:51 am

This is the stupidest question I have ever seen on here.

Rotavele Alabama
06/02/14 3:30 am

I spread my legs too much to lose them.

shygal47 Florida east coast
06/02/14 5:02 am

disgusting cretin

gonzoboy Northern AZ
06/02/14 3:12 am

I can't conceive of consciously choosing to never again having use of my legs. I keep my legs, in a no-brainier. For one thing, I'd rather sleep WALK, than, well...

swervin Maryland
06/02/14 2:49 am

My job occurs 90% on a ship. I will be fine without wheels but no can do without my legs.

Burntwaffle VA Politics and Pie
06/02/14 6:09 am

You would roll of the ship in a wheel chair.

swervin Maryland
06/02/14 6:12 am

No. The ladder wells on the ships are not wheelchair accessible.

rnm Illinois
06/02/14 2:31 am

I would have to say no vehicles would be difficult but I am wondering what about vehicles that require your legs like bicycles?

fifeSymington Rose City
06/02/14 2:20 am

I would absolutely love it if I was limited to where I can walk for the rest of my life. Please, don't take my legs!

jmw7477 Indiana
06/02/14 2:19 am

There isn't anything close enough for me to walk to. I wouldn't be able to ride the motorcycle with my husband.

146787456777 .......
06/02/14 1:15 am

I would hate either one but I have to grudgingly say wheels. no transportation ever again would mean stuck walking everywhere at all times for the rest of my life. what if I wanted to move? what if I needed to get to the hospital quickly? what if I

146787456777 .......
06/02/14 1:17 am

wanted to visit my great aunt Bertha who lives in Florida? (I don't actually HAVE a great aunt Bertha but ya know what I mean) I'd just have to get me a wheelchair

JJJSchmidt San Marcos
06/02/14 12:45 am

No, wheels? So what, would I have to get a horse?

06/02/14 12:15 am

No legs would be tough for me.

MachoMatt84 Privileged to serve.
06/01/14 11:19 pm

I'm a hiker. Need I say more?

mustard Washington
06/01/14 11:17 pm

I mean, who has ever been punished as to never be able to use the wheel again? By God or by the courts? What's a guy got to do to end up with that? Take out the Michelin Man?

catpillow Florida West Coast
06/01/14 10:51 pm

If you can't walk, there are all sorts of handicap aids you can use to still get around. But without cars, planes etc. you are really stuck in one place. I'll keep my wheels.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
06/01/14 10:50 pm

No vehicles would mean moving closer to a big enough town to have a grocery store within walking distance. I'd just as soon lose my legs as live in town. I can modify an ATV to be a wheelchair and be fine.

Tony SOH Founder
06/02/14 12:01 am

No wheels!

b4mytime Orange County, CA
06/02/14 12:57 am

Wait, I thought it he chooses to lose his legs then he could use wheels?

Zod Above Pugetropolis
06/02/14 6:18 am

Yeah, I thought I could trade legs to keep wheels. Hoverchair then. Incentive to invent one. Hovercraft don't technically fly, they just float on a cushion of air. In fact, LTA craft (blimps) don't fly either, they float. Rethinking this...